Dorothea Calvano

DRE No: S34794

(401) 257-9611

About Me

Home is the heart of my life!  Being one of the youngest in a large Italian family set the stage for a life time of a family, friends, fun and food.  Little by little, an abundance of tradition, values, and accomplishments put me on a lifelong path to success.


Early years in college offered unlimited advancement in the field of Home Economics.  Many opportunities were offered in Home Decoration, Food and Food Safety, Children’s Early Development, Fabrics and Home Decorating, plus home Finances.  In addition I earned a Master Homemaker Degree from URI.

Most importantly, the big decisions in my life have been good ones!  My career paths have changed to accommodate my own large family and wonderful husband of many years.  Together, we have moved about the country, changing homes, schools and business opportunities with a flourish!  Along the way I have found quilting a great source of pleasure and relaxation.

Food Family and Friends remain the constant force in keeping my home a fun haven for all who come thru our doors.