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HomeSmart is the #1 Ranked Brokerage in Phoenix. Founded in 2000 by entrepreneur Matt Widdows, HomeSmart International is the fastest growing real estate brokerage firm in Arizona providing valuable residential real estate by a network of more than 7,500 agents in over 37 offices. HomeSmart is ranked one of the largest brokerages in the United States. Based in Phoenix, HomeSmart continues to strive on the fundamental principles of efficiency and innovation by offering the systems and technologies necessary to sustain success in today's real estate industry.

Agents at HomeSmart pay as little as 25.00 per month and a 250.00 transaction fee while retaining 100% of their commissions AND their technology for free!

At HomeSmart we care about your business and productivity and are committed to ensuring you are well equipped to handle all aspects of the business, beginning with the basics. HomeSmart real estate agents are known to be experts in the industry and are provided with ongoing education throughout each step in their career.