Kevin Stockwell

LICENSE: s34401

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I have been in many aspects of the real estate business for the last 25 years.  I have worked in excavation, building / Construction Technology trades, teaching and Flipping / Investor Real Estate.  I walk through every listing or potential purchase as though it is for my own family.  I try to minimize any last minute surprises, thus saving buyers and sellers stress and time. I only work in areas that I know very well, so we can find you the best possible home.

   The past five years, our industry has seen many new "Investors & Flippers", so Last year my wife and I completed the "Flipping Boston" Courses.  This very expensive investment in education can now help me meet the needs of Investors and flippers. If you are a Flipper / Investor, I am sure your tired of looking at endless homes with little or no potential ARV. What is realistic in today's market? 10,20 or even 30% Profits?

     Finally as a twenty year middle school teacher I bring lots of "Thinking quick on my Feet", which is very help in negoitations. Negoitations that turn quickly for a seller and or Buyer.Also working 25 in the Fire Service, I am use to working under pressure and getting things done quickly. Having that knowledge of Fire Codes is essential in the real estate business. How well does your Realtor know them?

   Are you looking for a tech savy, highly motivated Investor / realtor who is ready to help you buy or sell your home. If you are Contact me at