Falguni Rahul

LICENSE: RES. 0042581

(970) 215-7627

About Me

Falguni moved to the Ocean State of Rhode Island from Colorado in 2016. After coming to New England, she decided to venture into Real Estate and become a Realtor.

Before moving to the United States from India, she worked for her family's business and as a project coordinator for a local architect in her hometown. While there, she coordinated various agencies and contractors on a job site and provided input for design and workflow.

After moving to Colorado, she attended Business School at Colorado State University and got her Master's in Management Practices with a business elective in Marketing. She later become a faculty member and taught International Marketing to graduate students.

As an immigrant from India with experience moving from one county to another -- and also one state to another -- she understands the challenges of moving to a new place and laying down roots. She loves to discover unity in diversity and find the common threads that connect us all.

She works closely with the India Association of Rhode Island (IARI), planning and managing communication and events for the organization. She is also a Volunteer Coordinator for the Exeter West Greenwich PTA and loves that she can give back to the community by volunteering her time.

She enjoys communicating, connecting and building strong relationships across the community. With her diverse life experiences and her unique style of communication, she strives to reach out and build strong relationships with everyone she meets.

She is multilingual and can speak and converse in three different Indian languages -- namely Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi -- in addition to English.

As a Realtor, she focuses on building a relationship with her clients so she can help them achieve their Real Estate goals. She uses her skills acquired while running her family business to negotiate and bring the best deal for her clients. She likes to inform and educate her clients on the whole process and pays close attention to details.

Falguni is a mother of two little ones that keep her busy. She lives with her husband in beautiful Exeter, where she and her family enjoy the sounds of nature.