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Being A Realtor in This Real Estate Market Is Exciting!

With one click, if … I was your listing agent, your “House for Sale” would be publicized to hundreds of real estate websites matching potential qualified buyers who are looking for a house for sale like yours.  


As a Realtor, my Sellers rely on MLS Listing information to help them price their homes for sale competitively. Buyers rely on MLS Listing information to help them locate Homes for Sale in their price range.

Perhaps, you have searched MLS listings for “Houses for Sale Near Me” without having to call a Realtor or a Real Estate Company and ask how much is that House for Sale? The internet is a great way to start the real estate process without spending all day driving around aimlessly.

Selling or Buying real estate is perhaps one of the largest investment transactions you or your family will make throughout your lifetime. If I was your  Realtor I will eliminate all the red tape and pitfalls that could cost you money and time. 


Professionally yours,


Rickard Smith - Realtor