Olga  Arriaga Dolce Vita Team

DRE No: 607529

(956) 827-5025

About Me

Olga Lydia Arriaga

Olga has been in the Real Estate Industry for over 15 years. She has a degree in Business Management and started her real estate career in Hawaii back in 2002. Olga is a Spanish-speaking native of the Rio Grande Valley and received her Texas real estate license in early 2009. She has since worked diligently to learn the real estate market in south Texas. Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Olga worked as a full-time property manager for several Multi-family apartment complexes and investors. During the latter part of this period, she managed a real estate office when she decided to commit her career to becoming a real estate agent. Her experience with managing investment properties gave her the knowledge and understanding needed to facilitate investor clients. She has since worked with multi-family property investors, helping them build a relatively large portfolio of rental units. Her desire to educate first-time homebuyers is what drives her. She has the ability to find the balance between desire and capability, allowing her to meet the needs of her clients. A distinguishing characteristic is extraordinary customer service, permitting her to assist in every step of the process by providing outstanding service.  She has the ability to make every transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible, earning most of her business from referrals and repeat business.  She is an exceptional choice when selling, buying or investing in real estate.



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