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Rodell Jefferson

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Astonida Draper, CPA

Testimonial #1 Rodell Jefferson The moment I knew I was ready to shop for a home in 2007 I knew I had to reach out to Rodell. Years ago Rodell and I worked for the same mortgage company. It was during that time I learned of Rodell's work ethic and integrity. Knowing that he was serving others as a realtor, I knew who to call on. Rodell was very helpful and was able to answer all questions regarding the home buying process. I appreciate that Rodell was patient and explained the process in everyday language. Astonida Draper, CPA

Astonida Draper, CPA

Testimonial #2 Rodell Jefferson When thought came to research into selling my home I had no doubt which realtor I would call. I immediately knew I would call Rodell. Rodell was the realtor that assisted me in the purchase of my home 13 years ago. That process was an enjoyable one. I appreciate Rodell's promptness in gathering data regarding my property and gathering data on the previous homes sold in the area. My home sold without even having to put a for sale sign in my yard. I appreciate Rodell and will definitely call on him for the purchase of my next home. Astonida Draper, CPA

Dr. Tyson McMillian, PH.D.

Dear most Excellent future home buyers and sellers: As a full-time college teacher, and a person with many commitments buying and selling a home has the potential to bring much stress. I can tell you assuredly that Mr. Rodell Jefferson made both buying a new home, and selling my current home both virtually stress free. In this this letter of reference, it is my humble duty to recommend Mr. Rodell Jefferson for anyone who is seeking to buy a new home, or to sell their current home. I am most appreciative of his real estate agent services. Mr. Jefferson contacted me the same day that I contacted him. It was an early Saturday morning, he got right to work. That quick reply was symbolic of the spirit of excellence that Mr. Jefferson would exhibit in all transactions. His work was always timely, and he always keep me updated on the latest details. Sometimes, he would work early in the morning, 3 am, just to ensure that all my home buying and selling needs were met. Within a week, Rodell had 6 properties lined up for me to visit, each meeting my very specific expectations. He navigated complex and unexpected situations that are present in any real estate transaction like the pro that he is. Each matter was resolved to my complete satisfaction. Rodell served as a gifted agent between me and the seller of my new home. Additionally, he did not miss a beat helping me sell my current home. Within one month, both the buying and selling transactions were complete. This is a testament to Rodell staying on top of all needed elements of both processes. I personally do not write very many letters of recommendation. I reserve my recommendations for individuals who I strongly feel have what it takes to be successful at the appointed tasks. Mr. Rodell Jefferson is one such person. I know that he will continue to make me proud of his pursuits. I can say with certainty that the potential buyers and sellers will be very proud to count Rodell as their agent. Sincerely, Dr. Tyson McMillian, PH.D. Professor of Computer Science Proud Client of Rodell Jefferson's Real Estate Services

Jarell Knott & Natasha Collins-Knott

We used Rodell Jefferson to purchase our home in Fort Worth Tx. last summer September 2021, and he was phenomenal. During already a stressful process, and at the height of an extremely competitive market, Rodell made shopping for a home almost a breeze. Rodell was great at communicating, and tackled every hurdle head on. This was extremely important as my husband and I worked crazy work hours. Rodell helped alleviate the stress and headache that one may experience with such a long drawn out process. Though we were certain that we wanted to go in the direction of a new build, at the beginning of our home search, we started looking at existing homes. Rodell, didn't complain not one bit, and was always there for all of our challenges, going from looking at existing homes, to speaking with 4 builders, locking in a contract to start a build. only to end up looking at existing homes again. Her has always answered every call or email no matter what time of day, or night it was. His professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are much respected and appreciated. We never felt forced to make a offer. When we ran into a hiccup with financing due to the lender having a hard time with providing a final approval due to the need of additional income verification, he jumped in, head on, and helped with contacting my previous employers, and completing required documents to help with providing an extension. I would recommend Rodell Jefferson to anyone who is looking for someone who is knowledgeable about the area, property, and the market. To someone who is looking for a realtor with patience, and could use an extra set of hands on board. Jarell Knott & Natasha Collins-Knott

Adria and Tera Henderson

Rodell Jefferson was recommended by our mother Verdell Hurd, whom she worked with years ago to purchase a home. We have known Rodell for quite some time. We worked with Rodell to secure a location for our new home. We are first time home buyers. and he made this transition in our life smoothly. When we first decided we wanted to buy a home, we informed him of our desires to have a new construction home. Rodell showed us a new community where there were new construction homes being built. He then guided us in the right direction to apply and get approved. We definitely recommend Rodell as he is very smart and knowledgeable of his business. A huge thank you to Rodell for all his help! Adria and Tera Henderson

Kimberly and Rudolph Sears

My husband and I were very grateful for Rodell helping us buy our first home. Best decision we ever made!!! We were in a situation where my previous bank loan fell through and we were closing in two weeks. Thankfully we had a plan B and our real estate agent Rodell Jefferson was very skilled and ready proceed with the curve ball. We were very pleased the way Rodell handled the situation with the sellers, being very careful not to signal a red flag with switching of banks. He gave us very good advice from start to finish thru the entire process and was very knowledgeable to all the questions we had. Nobody else will ever beat his services. We are relieved we are finally in our home. We will forever be grateful for what he did for us!!! Thank you Rodell and United Real Estate Dallas for such an amazing real estate agent.