Carolyn Anderson, Branch Broker

DRE No: 374059-BB00

(801) 577-1992

About Me

I am blessed to have owned and operate several businesses. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker for HomeSmart Advantage. I also serve all of Utah County as the local-listing broker for HUD. I love connecting individuals, groups, congregations, buyers, sellers, investors, other real estate professionals, and entire communities. To reach and best serve the largest pool of buyers, sellers, investors, and other real estate professionals, I have created and work with several teams of real estate professionals with a wide range of specialties, experience, and expertise. Our guiding maxim: "It's beyond the real estate; it's about the client." 
I operate a full-service real estate business. Through my teams and other strategic relationships, I provide a wide variety of professional services which include working for, and with, buyers, sellers, and investors; listing real estate; marketing properties; negotiating deals and contracts; collaborating with other realtors and brokers; orchestrating short sales; pre-qualifying buyers; selling foreclosures; selling investment properties; working with property management firms; and more. As a local-listing broker for HUD, I specialize in sales and dispositions of HUD properties in Utah.
I believe that life is best lived serving, loving, and connecting with others. My business model is centered on creating and maintaining authentic, personal relationships with others where people come first and business naturally follows. My bottom line, I want to be known for is as a game-changing, rule-breaking, there-is-enough-for-all-of-us-abundance-mentality, people-loving, community-building, list-creating connector.