Jeffery Kunz

DRE No: 5646178-AB00

(801) 380-9858





When Jeff was born his mother delivered him, her first child, at home alone. Her “I can do this” attitude was transferred to him at that early age. He grew up helping his family make ends meet. By age 12 he had 2 part time jobs and supported all his own needs except for a roof over his head. His dad taught him to work hard, be honest & to tackle any task or problem without fear.  By age 13 he was awarded scout of the year in the Lehi Utah District earning the most rank advancements & merit badges for the year.  All the while attending school & working his 2 jobs.  He continued this throughout high school & into College.  He served in leadership in every endeavor he entered, sports, church, school, scouting, work, & community.


An example of his eagerness to be of service, he once arrested a burglar while serving as a volunteer in the Lehi ambulance association, using only his makeshift “finger pistols”.  Wherever he has ventured he has risen to the top either in leadership or by setting the example of a higher standard of performance.


All of this illustrates Jeff’s ability to assess, adapt, proceed & overcome obstacles.  His Real Estate career is no exception.  His skills, habits & leadership serve you, his friends & neighbors now, just as passionately as they have served others in the past. 


His first real estate experience came years before he entered the real estate arena.  In 1982 he purchased part ownership in an 6000 acre recreational property located in Sanpete County. A few months later he discovered his beloved “ranch” was in serious financial trouble & he was about to lose it along with the other 192 owners.  The attorney told the owners it was hopeless & to settle for a small portion of what was once theirs.  This was all the challenge Jeff needed to hear.  Jeff refused to let it end there & laid out a plan to get the ranch property back to its full acreage.  He was elected to the board of directors & served for 11 years.  For 8 of those years he fought hard to make the plan succeed, refusing to give in or to give up.  He united the owners & led them to a victory with all the odds against them.  Today the property thrives with approximately 8000 acres & has a perpetual income coming in to help meet their needs. 


As you can see he is not afraid to invest his time, talents & energy to a cause he believes in.  It wasn’t the money that drove him, he was trying to save a piece of the American dream that he loved.  With almost 13 years in Real Estate, he will do the same for you in your real estate needs.  While he can never guarantee the outcome, he can guarantee the effort to get your real estate needs met.   Give him a call!!