Scott Ingram

DRE No: 5580785-SA00

(435) 767-9660

About Me

     I moved to Southern Utah around 1993 from the High Desert in Southern California.  I Graduated High School in '96 and began my adventures in life.  

     After High School I went do Dixie College ( Back then it was not University ) and received an associate’s degree in Medical technology.  I then went to Massage school and became a massage therapist ( I know you are thinking how in the world does that relate to Real Estate. I getting there I promise ).  

     After Massage school, I went on to work at some high end resorts ( Red Mountain and Amangiri ).  That being said, I am no stranger to high levels of customer service and dealing with the public ( I've always been good at talking to complete strangers ), which leads me to how I got in to Real Estate.

     One particularly slow winter, a friend of mine ( who also happened to be a Real Estate Agent ) approached me and said, " You should become a Real Estate Agent ".  After a giving it some thought I decided to take the schooling necessary, and here I am today.

     Oh, I guess I also should add some things about me ( what makes me, me ).  I love the outdoors ( hiking, biking, and anything else you can think of to do outside ).  I am a super patient person, and dislike high pressure sales, that is why I don't do that to clients.  

     I've been called the " The Red Neck Realtor " more than once, which I guess is kind of true.  I do have a lot of roots in the south.  In fact, most of my extend family is from the south, so it comes natural I guess.

     Ok, I've bored you enough.  I hope you've enjoyed reading about me, and I look forward to assisting you with your Real Estate needs, whether you are buying or selling.