Priscilla Soto

LICENSE: 113001

(206) 465-6520


Washington First Time Home Buyer

Washington State Housing Finance Commission
First Time Home Buyer Education.


When we were told that we had 22 days to move out of our rental because the owners were moving back in, we were panicked. I was frantically looking for another rental to no avail. I decided to contact a couple of different real estate agents to help with the search. The first agent I contacted, sent me a couple of awful listings, with no compassion of what we were going through. She didn't even spell my name correctly in the email. I never responded. Soon after, Priscilla Soto contacted me by phone. She had such compassion & was willing to help find a rental for us, but after a few questions, she believed we would qualify to buy a house instead. She hooked us up with a fantastic lender who guided us along the way. I absolutely recommend Priscilla Soto. She was flexible, had a great attitude, and really made a stressful situation quite enjoyable. Thank you, Priscilla for all that you have done for us!!


Priscilla Soto is awesome. I She is prompt, knowledgeable, personable and a born negotiator. I had looked for a condo to purchase for years. I had very specific needs and a tight budget. Ms. Soto interviewed me, determined my needs and send me appropriate listings. In the end, she fouind me a good piece of property. The process of buying the Condo was very challenging. Both my lender, BECU, and the seller's realtor were difficult to work with as was the President of the Condo Association. Terms and infromation changed every time we turned around. Phone calls and emails were not returned in a timely manner, and when they were, the information was either incomplete or missing altogether. As result of the inefficiency of BECU and the seller's realtor, it took 2 months to close when one month had been promised. Overall, working with BECU was a nighmare; while working with Ms. Soto was a joy. I was frustrated and responded poorly to the stress. . Ms Soto managed our communications and the many problems with BECU and the seller's realtor with prompt phone calls and emails, humor, tact, finess and knowledge. Even the BECU loan officer was so impressed, she said she hoped to continue to work with Ms. Soto in further real estate transactions.


Priscilla has been so accommodating with us in our purchase of a house in Seattle. Not only were we moving from out of state, but out of country. Priscilla spent time with me showing me neighborhoods and the city before we even looked at houses. At all times she was friendly and made you feel that you had known her for years! She diligently sent us weekly updates on possible houses. Priscilla had infinite patience as we turned down many houses and clarified our needs. When we did find the house that we liked, Priscilla was instrumental in the negotiation and purchase. She worked with the vendor agent who was of the old fashioned type, she had to hand deliver documents etc. After purchase we had a problem come up with the house. Priscilla took on the task of talking again with the Vendor agent to clarify some questions that we had. She was not obligated to do this, but always wants to make sure that the customer is taken care of! We very much appreciate the time and energy that Priscilla dedicated to us in finding and purchasing this house. When the time comes we will be calling her first when we decide to sell. I would highly recommend Priscilla Soto, in particular if you are settling in Seattle for the first time.