Scott Hagues

LICENSE: 130456

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CoolDuring my military career, I have been stationed around the world and I understand very well the challenges of relocating, let alone thinking about selling and/or buying a home. I was proud to be accepted by the Navy Chiefs to become a Navy Chief Petty Officer, and along the way, after years of Navy leadership reinforcing Navy's core values of honor, courage. and commitment, I eventually understood what these value mean and how important they are in every day life.Wink

I find true joy in making people happy, which is something I am doing in real estate. When you are out and about in Oak Harbor you may see me volunteering at various organizations. At my final military duty station in Maryland I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Small Miracles Cat and Dog Rescue, and Blue Water Baltimore, I also help a child in the Philippines through Children International. Retired from the military I still volunteer at WAIF (Whidbey Animals Improvement Foundation) and other organizations. I am a regular donor to the The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and others “There are problems that I can help to solve through charity and volunteering. That opportunity — and my family — are what drive me in much of what I do in my life.”Smile