Ben Lunsford

LICENSE: 106324

(206) 719-6739


I've grown up in the Puget Sound and only spent a total of 7 years of my life not in the Puget Sound.  I love the PNW and it's been great to call it home. I began in real estate in the hot hot market of 2010 (ha ha).  If you'll recall, the market crashed in 2008 and for some reason, I had no clue about that, and decided to become a professional real estate consultant in 2010.  While it may have been tough, I learned the right things to do.  I learned how to best put my client's needs first; I learned how to accurately assess a home's value and not just assume an appreciation rate; and I learned how to really negotiate for a win win between buyers and sellers.


In 2018 my wife got her real estate license and is now joining me in this venture.  Together we know we can help you accomplish your goals.  As you consider what you want to do, please reach out to us.  We love to sit down over coffee and chat about your dreams and make a plan to help you reach them.