Katricia Navarrete

LICENSE: 115423?

(425) 292-5000


I started my Real Estate career working as a listing assistant and then getting promoted to escrow assistant for a real estate office in Hayward, CA.

My desire to get licensed was sparked in 2002 when my in-laws were going through the selling and buying process.  I helped them understand the process and all the paperwork.  I really enjoy teaching others and have always had an interest in real estate.  I decided to get my license and in June of 2003 I received my California Real Estate License.

I have been licensed for almost 11 years and have enjoyed helping my clients with their real estate needs. I moved to Renton, WA in 2013 and received my Washington Real Estate License in March of 2014.  Because I worked so hard to get my California license, I'm keeping it active.

I belong to the National Association of Realtors for almost 11 years.  I believe in the Association and adhere ethics they require for one to be a member.  There are a lot of Real Estate Agents out there with poor ethics and standards.

I listen to my Buyer's!  I try to understand their needs and stick to their budget so they don't over spend on a home.  I work with their lender to make sure they understand the costs and fees associated with buying a home.  I negotiate for my Buyer's from purchase price, contract terms,  receiving closing costs credits, to repairs from the Seller's or other terms.  I never want to have my Buyer's to have a surprise at closing!  I've seen it happen where a Buyer has to bring in extra money that they don't have and it's a terrible and heartbreaking situation.  Buying a home is a Huge Investment and I want to make sure that the experience of Buying a Home is exceptional!

I listen to my Seller's!  Selling a home is extremely emotional!!  I know what it's like to sell a home that you have raised your family in and spent over 10 years in.  I know how tough it can be and how every part of Selling your home can be really tough!  I strive to provide my clients amazing support!  I negotiate for my Seller's for all aspects of the sale, from the sale price, the credits, the terms, the repairs and everything else.  I strive to meet my Seller's goal in Selling their home.  Sometimes the goal is to get rid of the home no matter what (i.e. Short Sales or Foreclosures) or selling to meet a particular proceeds.  No matter what your goal, I'm here to help my Seller's every step of the way.  Some agents just stick a sign in the yard and walk away ... I never do that  I know how to sell your home, market it to it's highest potential and bring in the Buyer's.

Buying or Selling, you can rest assured that I will take great care of you every step of the way!  I GUARANTEES her service and if I do not return your call within 24 hours - you will receive a credit at closing!  You won't regret having Katricia represent you!

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