Robert Underwood

LICENSE: 18572?

(253) 686-1967


In 2011 I was frustrated with the way the real estate industry as a whole made service to my clients an "all over the map operation" because of all the piece meal systems that were suposed to make it easier to get things done faster, easier and better. Having to employ multiple programs and plat forms I found myself serving the technology and not my clients. After much research and many phone call's and emails I discovered a company in Arizona that had taken my frustration in hand and discovered a solution that would allow me to give my clients the highest level of service possible without it coming at a great cost to them. HomeSmart TRG was born in 2012 and I've never looked back.  Whether it's on the buyer or seller side the tools I've put in place now allow me to give you my client(s) the service you not only expect.....but deserve. At HomeSmart TRG you are my most important asset and I'm proud to serve you.