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A Little Less Drama

Posted On: October 25th, 2017 7:07PM

The kitchen backsplash -- that surface behind the stovetop or sink that protect the wall from damage during cooking and dishwashing--has long been used to add color and beauty to an otherwise utilitarian space.


But dramatic, ornately patterned backsplashes, once popular, are being replaced by sleeker, simpler designs.  Many designers are using monochromatic tiles arranged in simple patterns to create beautiful backsplashes that won;t quickly go out of style.


Every kitchen needs a standout backsplash, but that doesn't mean the project has to be expensive.  The backsplash area is relatively small area and it's possible to use high-end and even custom made tiles while keeping costs down.


Designers suggest hunting for high-quality porcelain or ceramic tiles or even custom made.  It's tempting to add a burst of color in your backsplash, but by keeping the backsplash neutral you will be happy with it for a much longer time.  If you are selling your home within the next few years, think white subway tiles or grey glass tiles.  Put the dash of color in your kitchen by adding objects that are replaceable and therefore easily switched out to change the color scheme.

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