Tom Lowe

LICENSE: 129124

(323) 791-7705


Linda O.

I don't think I could of had a better person to help me sell my house. Tom was always there to answer any and all questions. I never had to wait on him. He cares about you and really treats you like a long time friend. Any body would be happy to have Tom as there reailitor and friend.

Denise Rose

Tom Lowe was invaluable in helping me assist my son to purchase his first home. In a matter of hours, he identified a loan officer so that we could quickly move on an offer. Once the offer was accepted, he assisted every step of the way. The time constraints of the proposed 30-day escrow meant everything had to fall into place. Tom kept us informed, reassured us that all would work out, and facilitated signing the loan documents. I recommend him highly for his expertise, his calm demeanor, and his ability to get things done.

Zach Mulder

Tom Lowe did an absolutely fantastic job helping me buy my home. I contacted him out of the blue Sunday night and he had an offer ready to go within hours. He was attentive and diligent through every confusing step of buying my first home. More than anything I appreciated how quickly he could answer my every request, from a simple explanation to contacting the sellers for an exhaustive list of paint colors used in my home. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jenny Wetzel

'm going to cut right to the chase! Tom is one of the highest caliber humans and Realtors that I know. He is a professional that carries the utmost integrity, has impeccable follow-through, is extremely savvy, quick to identify Real Estate opportunities and is just a down right good guy. Tom is very thorough yet efficient with any investigating or follow-up. I appreciate Tom's candid communication, dry humor and good heart. He's one of those people that is there when you need him, but not a bother when you don't. Our industry deserves to have more professionals like Tom leading the way.

Bob Killen

I have had the pleasure of working with Tom Lowe on several for profit and not for projects . Tom has a passion for creative solutions and for clear communication. He has led our foundation magazine with exceptional editorial skill, created funding solutions and has been a guiding light for our historic real estate renovation projects. Tom has the ability to “see” what we need to do before the work begins and has much to offer and the experience to help any organization make progress and bring any project to a successful close. He is a valuable colleague, one of those rare individuals that does what he says, and I recommend him with enthusiasm.