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Greetings and welcome. I'm pleased that you're here.


My name is David Smith, but you can call me Dave if you like. I'm a native Oregonian, born in Eugene and raised in the Mid-Willamette Valley. I've been a real estate agent, broker, and Realtor® since 2005, first in the state of Oregon, then shortly thereafter in Washington. 


When I commenced my career in real estate, it was with a large brokerage, boasting expensive systems and overhead. I learned a lot in those early years during the Great Recession, mostly from some of the old-timers, but also because I learned to adapt to the everchanging technology that edged out the Rolodexes, filing cabinets, and print advertising. 


My first brokerage was expensive, terribly so. Despite its emerging technology, it was well and firmly a bricks and mortar business. I had an office in each state which I decorated with art and accolades, mostly just to make myself feel good rather than assure my clients of my capability to assist their needs. The brokerage-centric brokerage (meaning, for the brokerage's sake) pushed many expensive systems and other service providers with affiliate interests. It became clear to me that my brokerage at that time viewed real estate as one of many revenue streams. They owned portions of a title company, a mortgage brokerage, a technology platform, and even pay-to-play service providers from dog walkers to contractors. We were all urged to refer brokerage affiliates to our clients, even if we'd established our own referral relationships. Well, it just felt wrong.


My clients began calling me when the dog walker failed to arrive or the contractor tracked mud all over their wool berber carpet. They were justifiably displeased to discover that my referral had no component of accountability, just convenience. I discovered that the power of relationship had a flip side. If I was going to refer anyone to my clients, my referral had to be accountable to me. Soon thereafter, it was announced that the brokerage was being purchased by a national investment fund, and I felt that an evolution towards shareholder-centric business was underway. I cleaned out my offices and began searching for the best agent-centric business model which would enable me to best serve my clientele.


I arrived at HomeSmart, and I'm very pleased. I still have two offices, one in Vancouver, and the other in Portland, but I work remotely. My systems have enabled me to work on behalf of my clients from the jungle of the windward side of the Big Island, from a campervan at a surf break in New Zealand, to my favorite paragliding site in Costa Rica. I've established my own relationships that are completely accountable to me as well as our clients. Arguably, the most important of these relationships is with the lender with whom I've worked closely but seperately for well over a decade. Simply put, he has yet to fail, and I foresee no reason that he ever will. I trust him enough to conduct my own business with him, refer him to my friends and family members, even consider him a dear friend. Similarly, the only general contractor that I refer is a guy whom I've known since we were swaddled like fat burritos. The guy is salt of the earth, beloved by his subcontractors, and known to consistently answer his phone. The Force is so strongly with him that I refer him for every specialty. This truly is enlisting the power of relationship.


About the time that I decided to depart my first brokerage, I also thought it would be advantageous to participate within my local Realtor® association, specifically on the Professional Standards Committee to determine whether an ethics complaint had merit and how best to address it. I then took a leadership position with Washington Realtors®, inlucluding several committee positions and a term as Chair of the Communications Committee. Though I decided not to pursue the evolutionary path of Association business, I  remain a firm advocate of the Realtors® Code of Ethics.


So what does this all mean to my clients? I love my job and I've got the experience to represent my clients' best interests with care, attention, and skill. A real estate transaction requires strategy, built on the basis of experience. I'm intimately familiar with construction, best use, and practical deficiencies to guide my clients toward success - not just immediately, but through the passage of time and subsequent transactions. 


My business is based almost entirely on referrals. The greatest compliment that you may pay me is your trust with a friend, family member, or business associate. You see, the power of relationship means that I'll always be accountable to you. 


Finally, please consider me your resource for all things real estate. Chances are that if you need a dog walker, or someone to clean your gutters or paint your fence, I can get you pointed in the right direction. You'll not be wasting my time in doing so, and it's my pleasure to help. Text my direct line for my quickest response. I look forward to speaking with you.



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