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Susan Fulton
We recently had an agent leave us because she was moving to Colorado. In her letter informing us of her move she expressed this sentiment about our company… "It has been such a pleasure working with you. In all of my years in Real Estate I have never worked with a Broker who gave me so much support when needed and you always returned my calls!!! Thank you.”

Owen Squires
I initially chose HomeSmart because of the level of support that they offer to their agents. I feel HomeSmart will help support me in my future real estate business because of the incredible reputation they have, and by the sheer volume of business they do. Plus, the technology is cutting edge, their marking style is modern and clean, and the 100% commission model is a no-brainer. It really shows. It really allows me to invest in myself. However, my favorite thing about HomeSmart is the people. Whether it's staff or fellow agents, everyone that I come across is polite, friendly and always willing to help. There's such a vast amount of collective experience here, it's like having an older brother that's always looking out for you and has your best interests at heart.

Vickie Weinberg
If you are a real estate agent, HomeSmart is where you should be! A friend of mine recommend HomeSmart, and it was the best decision I made. HomeSmart offers all the tools, education, and training to need without draining your wallet. Brokers are available for questions anytime; easy access portal is great for maintaining transactions, and you get al of the support, guidance, and training PLUS high commission pay! This was by far the best decision I have made for my business and career!

Vivian Solorio
I chose to make HomeSmart my new home because of the innovative, smart technology offered in conjunction with the educational offerings to new and experienced agents. It is very important for real estate agents to stay on top of the current educational news, trends and technology to be as efficient as possible and to better serve customers and clients. The real estate industry is ever-evolving and HomeSmart International understands and embraces this, which is why they strive to offer their agents the best in technology, educational opportunities, marketing options and a wonderful support system to help you every step of the way! Joining the HomeSmart International team was a no-brainer, I just wish I had made the switch sooner!

Brigitte Rapatz
After 23 years in the business, I did not feel I needed to be paying for services and programs I never used. My switch to HomeSmart was purely for reduced costs, but HomeSmart has exceeded my expectations! I have been so impressed with the sophistication and quality of their operation, plus they have the best brokers in the business. I only wish I would have made the move sooner.

Rick McHone
After looking at many local companies, HomeSmart was an easy choice. They matched my desire to not be bogged down at the office doing paperwork, leaving more time to help buyers and sellers. HomeSmart has the lead in assisting agents with the marketing of properties and listing process with their technical expertise. I am still amazed at what I can accomplish with this system with very little time and effort. The low fees, support, and ongoing education, were also drivers in my decision.

Lynda Barry and John Wagner
We are celebrating our 2 year anniversary here at HomeSmart. I (Lynda) came over to get a new experience with our real estate office and we have been pleasantly surprised with all the training, and great support that we are receiving from HomeSmart. We came over for looking at the percentages that HomeSmart takes, we thought well you can’t expect very much but this should work. We’re overwhelmed with the support we get, the additional training every week, and it’s just been a great experience; We’re very happy to be here. Thank you Roger and we’re looking forward to many more years with HomeSmart.

Susan Green
Hi my name is Susan Green and I’m with HomeSmart Realty and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been licensed since 2005. I started with big brokerages because of the training and the mentoring that I got but I left and went to smaller brokers and continued to give big percentages of my commission for my hard work and I never got anything in return there was no training and overtime, if I had a question the broker would direct me to CAR Legal so there was absolutely zero support and I figured well I might as well not have to give up so much commission, and thats what lead me to HomeSmart initially, was the flat fee and having the ability to retain more of my money and to my surprise I've gotten more training and support here than I’ve gotten at many of the other brokerages where I’ve been so I’m extremely happy with that decision and I’m looking forward to many prosperous years with HomeSmart. And I thank Roger who I’ve known for many years in the industry and he's always there to help and I couldn't be happier with the whole situation. so thank you very much and I hope that some of you who are sitting out on the fence will come join our team.

Lissette Lent
Jumping out of Real Estate school, I thought that in order to receive the necessary training and hands on help I needed to start my career, I had to sacrifice most of my paycheck. I found myself losing money, instead of making it. The idea of a company that offers you Service, Support and 100% Commission seemed too good to be true. After calling, I was shocked to see that in fact HomeSmart had EVERYTHING that my existing company had, PLUS more, and I got to keep my commission! Making the change to HomeSmart was the best career choice I could make. What are you waiting for?

Jane Smith
As a newer real estate agent, it’s crucial I have the support and tools necessary to build and run a successful business. I chose to make the Smart Move because HomeSmart provides exceptional tools to help me learn the business and user-friendly technology to help me do my job efficiently. That means I have more time to spend on the most important part of my business — my clients.

Chris Bowers
The experience with the team brokerage was fine, but expensive. I couldn’t justify paying the outrageous fees anymore. I would rather fund my retirement accounts with that money instead of giving it away to my brokerage. It’s not about working harder and closing more and more deals. Sometimes you just have to work smarter. Experienced agents looking to switch brokerages usually have a reason and it’s usually money. Consider how the additional money you’ll have from being at HomeSmart can be used to fund your future. If you think your clients remember what brokerage you work for, you’re putting too much emphasis on your brokerage. You are your brand and your clients will always be there because you’re a good agent. At all my other brokerages, I have never had service like I get at HomeSmart. The transaction system is so easy to use, the broker support is exceptional and I like having a network of offices around town to use.

Todd Schowengerdt
I’m interested in the bottom line and getting max value. My old brokerage was fine for low-producing agents, but I wasn’t maximizing my value there. It made more sense to be at HomeSmart rather than paying into a cap. I can produce more and operate my business for $12k less with HomeSmart. Everyone I spoke to was very impressed with the HomeSmart model. HomeSmart lets you achieve your highest production levels and the community is great. The transaction system is by far the best in the industry. HomeSmart is maximum value. If you want the most from your business it makes sense to be there. It’s a really good value for agents.

Dennis Smith
As a newer agent, I've quickly learned the importance of working with a broker that offers exceptional flexibility and support. The various plans HomeSmart offers allow you to choose the most profitable way to run your business. The RealSmart Agent site gives you all the tools and resources needed to get started via an extremely easy-to-navigate framework. I'm excited to grow my business and build a team with HomeSmart.

Katy Wills
With over a decade of experience in the legal field, I knew finding the right fit was just as important as starting my new career in real estate. HomeSmart offered not only the most comprehensive package available to agents both on a local and national level, but also provided me with a sense of community, flexibility and training that any agent should look and ask for when considering a new endeavor. I’m happy to call HomeSmart home, and I do believe it was a “smart move” to join this amazing organization and group of REALTORS®.

Marjan Polek
As a new agent I spent countless hours studying and preparing to get my real estate license, so it only made sense to spend the time to really research which company I choose to be affiliated with. Not all companies are the same; HomeSmart offers so much to new agents that it was an easy decision for me. Some of the key factors that helped me make my decision were that HomeSmart offers continuing education, an easy-to-use, technology-based support system and an all-around agent friendly work environment. I’m thrilled to be with HomeSmart, I know I made the right decision.

Armando Banda
I researched other brokerages when I decided to make a switch. I chose HomeSmart because of their cutting edge technology and commitment to agent support. I also spoke with many other HomeSmart agents. After many years of being a transactional listing agent in the REO boom, I made a commitment to restructure my business by creating lasting relationships and working by referral. HomeSmart provides all the tools I need to provide exceptional service to my clientele while at the same time making my job more efficient. After just a short month, I am thoroughly impressed with how easy real estate is with HomeSmart.

Tanya Giles
I am excited to join the HomeSmart team. Getting started was somewhat intimidating at first but with the help and guidance of some great mentors at HomeSmart, my business is on its way. I had previously worked in property management for a few different real estate companies - most of them just wanted quantity, not quality. I am excited to learn so many new things with the most up-to-date technology and education at my fingertips!

Lindsey Buenger  
After researching and meeting with several other companies, I made the decision to switch to HomeSmart. Being a new agent, it is comforting to know that there is always someone available who can respond to any questions or requests that I may have in a quick manner. I chose HomeSmart because of their excellent agent support as well as the technology and training that are provided. I am very proud to work for a company like HomeSmart that is on the forefront of the real estate market and offers excellent technology and agent support.

Rachel Perry
I was looking for an organization that provides broker support, continuing education classes, training, and is also up-to-date with technology. Being well respected in treating clients and agents with dignity is big for me and that's what HomeSmart stands for. It's truly a superb organization that wants everyone who is a part of it to grow, be successful, and surpass their goals. I am glad to be a part of the HomeSmart family.

Amy Mills
Making the decision to change careers after 25 years in the hospitality field was a difficult choice. Choosing which broker I was going with was an easy call. HomeSmart made signing up effortless and offer support for agents at all different levels in their career. I love the fact that a broker is available for questions even after hours. There is a variety of classes and continued education the systems are easy to use and being incorporated with the latest technology. The World Headquarters is very forward-thinking. There are also many convenient offices to utilize in my area. I look forward to building my business and my partnership with HomeSmart.

Bill Ianuzi
Having worked as a REALTOR® for over fifteen years, when I relocated I was looking for a real estate agency that allowed me to be autonomous but still had good training and a great name to fall back on. I quickly found that HomeSmart was the place I belonged. Being new in the area, I reached out to do some open houses for other agents last week, and within an hour had set up three for the weekend! I’m looking forward to working with so many great agents here at HomeSmart!

Alissa Ruof  
I chose to join HomeSmart because they offer everything that other brokerages offer and more. Seeing that HomeSmart provides larger commission pay was the final factor that convinced me to move. HomeSmart is truly a smart move for me and my real estate business. With the supportive staff, continuing education, industry partners, smart agent websites and all the marketing materials provided, I couldn’t ask for more. HomeSmart is growing at such an exponential rate that it really is the best company to be with right now. I plan to grow my real estate business and I know that HomeSmart will be a great company to do that with.

Denise Sottile
I have been researching for six months by looking into benefits of other brokerages (even though I knew HomeSmart was a good fit for me). HomeSmart’s Corporate Office is amazing! This is the image I want to be a part of. HomeSmart is organized with everything you need online and with staff members ready to walk you through every step, until you are set-up and ready to go. From the moment I joined HomeSmart, I was welcomed with open arms. Being a part of the HomeSmart family, you always have someone ready to help. HomeSmart offers a variety of agent meetings and ongoing education. This is an environment I need to thrive in my business. The support, tools, and technology HomeSmart offers, will help me be the best REALTOR® I can be.

Michael Yergin  
Having been a developer for 40 years from Chicago, I’ve been asked by the best and brightest companies to be a part of their organization. I really only wanted to associate with a company that could benefit me. I believe the HomeSmart brand is a valuable asset that resonates well with my goals, interest and reputation.

Miruna Baloiu
My name is Miruna and I am new to the team. I am very outgoing and very energetic and I am originally from Romania. I studied Architecture and Urbanism; I love home design and everything that surrounds architecture. A few months ago, I decided to become a real estate agent and here I am. After interviewing with a few real estate brokerages, I decided to go with HomeSmart. I consider HomeSmart to have the highest level of service and support, as well as wonderful compensation plans. Being new to the industry, I was happy to see all of the free education classes that are offered. I am excited to get started and welcome any feedback and advice from some of HomeSmart’s more seasoned agents. Ultimately, I am pleased to be a part of the HomeSmart team and excited to be part of this vibrant culture.

Dr. Chase Westen
Being a new licensee, I looked for a company that offered the same quality of training and technology that I had studied to become a Pharmacist. HomeSmart is all that and more! I have seen the HomeSmart brand grow exponentially and am thrilled to be a part of it. I love the convenience of having offices that I can use with my clients. At the end of the day, I know that I am a part of a phenomenal and groundbreaking team.

George Reed
As a new agent, when I was considering which brokerage to hang my license with, I knew I wanted a company that was dedicated to providing their sales agents with all the support necessary to thrive in today’s complex real estate market. Additionally, I was looking for a company with a strong brand recognition in my area. HomeSmart is at the forefront of marketing technology and offers many valuable tools to its agents free of charge. Everyone I have dealt with using the hiring orientation process has been exceptionally helpful, efficient, and friendly. HomeSmart offers everything I was looking for and more. The fact that I had several happy HomeSmart agents amongst my circle of family and friends made the decision all the easier.

Barbara Anderson
As I launch my real estate career 2.0, I am very excited to be with HomeSmart. I was a REALTOR® approximately 20 years ago but left that profession to return to teaching. I am now free to pursue my first love. The service and training HomeSmart provides enables me to serve my clients with the best technology and agent support. I look forward to being a part of the HomeSmart family.

Carrie Pagnussat
To help provide the best service for my clients and grow my business, it was critical that I join a company that is at the forefront of real estate technology and that also provides superior agent support and professional educational opportunities. I chose HomeSmart because it meets all of these objectives. HomeSmart also makes it simper to do business by having fully equipped offices available throughout my area, accessible at any time. With HomeSmart, I truly feel that I have the tools necessary to improve every facet of my business.

Christina Guevara
Choosing a brokerage was an easy decision for me because my mother began her real estate career with HomeSmart some time ago and is still an agent with this amazing company. To me, that speaks volumes about the value HomeSmart provides. At HomeSmart I receive an exceptional education, support and innovative tools. This company created a brand which I am proud to represent. Thank you HomeSmart!

Jay & Julie Culton
We came back to HomeSmart after leaving for a bit to explore a new venture with a broker friend who we thought might generate some new business for us. We quickly learned that ‘grass was not greener’ and found ourselves missing everything HomeSmart had to offer our business. Our cost of doing business is lower at HomeSmart and the service we receive from the brokerage team is unmatched. HomeSmart also has a wide range of free classes with many different options to succeed. We regularly refer other agents to HomeSmart because we love this company and are happy to be back home.

TJ Wynne
I chose to make the switch to HomeSmart because I wanted to be around people that care. At HomeSmart I feel like I am part of a family and have all the resources to be a successful agent. The knowledge I have gained in such a short time with the company is a true blessing, and I look forward to a great career.

Jeff Gast
I made the decision to join HomeSmart because their business plans align with mine. They have provided everything I’ve asked for and sought training, technology, marketing and support. They are directly tied to my business’ success in every way. The value of the training is priceless. Although I am fairly new to the real estate business, I know I will be successful due in large part to HomeSmart and the continuous support they provide.

Edgar Sanchez
After serving seven years in the military I knew that I wanted a challenging career where I could continue to fulfill the desire to help others. Working with HomeSmart allows me to help people day in and day out. I especially love working with prior service members, as well as Active-Duty Military Professionals to help them find a new home. HomeSmart has jumpstarted my career as a REALTOR® by making the on-boarding process effortless. I look forward to a long lasting career with HomeSmart and would urge anyone thinking about becoming a part of the HomeSmart family to do so.

Val Razo
Before making the Smart Move, I met with several different companies to see what they had to offer. After thinking long and hard, I chose HomeSmart for several reasons. They have excellent agent support, multiple classes and cutting edge technology. All the important ingredients were there for taking my business to the next level.

Candice & Roger Boggs
It was an easy choice for us. We chose HomeSmart because of the awesome broker support. (They actually answer their phones!) Other perks that helped us make the decision were: low fees and high values that are backed up with innovative technology, virtual offices, and a pleasant and professional atmosphere. We wanted to be associated with the best real estate company in the area, and that is exactly what we got.

Teton Wilson
I chose to come back to HomeSmart for a few reasons. HomeSmart is experiencing rapid growth; however, as a newer agent you don’t get lost in the shuffle and with one phone call all of your questions will be answered. Also, HomeSmart offers all the tools an agent will need to become successful and stand out. Between that and a calendar full of educational opportunities, I feel as though HomeSmart has my best interests in mind. That is why I made the Smart Move.

Anne Sanford
Real estate is my new career and HomeSmart is my new home! I have been a mother and an elementary school teacher for the past 20 years, and while those endeavors have been greatly fulfilling, I am ready for a new challenge. HomeSmart offered me a way to take my current skill set and transfer that to success in real estate. Their commitment to education, mentorship and availability provides me with the opportunity to be my best self. Each new day is exciting in real estate and especially at HomeSmart

Nick Protopopoff
With the new year, I decided to make a change. I wanted to join a company that would be able to help me compete as a new business, as well as retain my existing clients. The tools that HomeSmart provides agents are both effective and cutting-edge. I also looked at agents I already knew that were with HomeSmart, as an indication of the quality of the company. All in all, I’m extremely happy with my decision!

Mirandi Hoffman
After several interviews with other companies and doing my research as well as interviewing other agents, I knew HomeSmart was the company that would be the key to a successful career. The online tools, support and technology offered by HomeSmart to agents are raising the industry standards to provide clients with leading edge marketing as well. I felt all of these factors were influences that would help me grow and prosper as a business owner.

Donna Harris
The decision to make the move to HomeSmart has defiantly made a worthwhile impact on my business. The outstanding broker support, agent services and simple yet effective technology has made it a very easy transition and am thankful for it all. The opportunity to give back to not only clients, but my heartfelt charities, is an additional bonus with the savings received through HomeSmart pay structure. I’m grateful to my caring agent friends who encouraged me along the way and now are a part of my world at HomeSmart. 2016 is and will continue to be a wonderful year personally and professionally.

Amanda Donner
I have been a residential REALTOR® for four years. Agent support, transaction ease, and education opportunities are vital to my business. HomeSmart International provides all the above to an exceptional degree. Each support staff department is knowledgable, available, and friendly. Most importantly, who to call for each question; how to complete a transaction online, and transaction specific required documents are detailed very clearly. This made the transition to HomeSmart International simple and efficient. Aside from the tool available, the HomeSmart International brand provides credibility to each individual agent.

Dustin Von Hoffman
The decision to join HomeSmart was easy! HomeSmart’s vast network gives me the confidence to enter a new career. I knew I wanted to align myself with professionals that I could trust in giving profitable referrals. HomeSmart provides the value I was looking for in a real estate company.

Hilda Ramirez
I chose to join HomeSmart because it truly was a ‘smart move’ that made a lot of sense for me and my real estate business. They are a well structured company that offers all the resources and support other brokerages don’t have. Most importantly, the tools to help me succeed, such as smart agent websites, support staff, industry partners, continuing education, marketing materials, and a great commission structure made it a smart move for me. I plan to grow my real estate business and I know HomeSmart is the right company for me.

Gina Gullquist
I truly love selling real estate and I am blessed to have a strong group of loyal clients. Over the past eight years I have been with small boutique agencies and also large global brokerages. I was out walking my dogs thinking about upcoming listings and better ways to market my current listed properties and couldn't help but notice the multitude of HomeSmart signs I was passing. When showing properties and driving neighborhoods I began seeing more and more homes listed with HomeSmart, even on luxury properties. From the moment I walked in the front door, I knew this is where I wanted to be. The atmosphere, staff, education, marketing, support, facilities, technology, and LOW fees exceeded my expectations. Although I believe my clients do not care what brokerage is on my cards, I am proud to be with HomeSmart and know my clients will appreciate the exposure and professionalism the comes with this growing brand.

Brigette Metcalf
My name is Brigette Metcalf and I started in real estate in 2002. I was looking of a fresh, innovative office with service and technology yet the ability to maintain a creative and personal atmosphere. I was elated to connect with homeSmart which provided the total package. Agent Services are friendly and helpful, the classes are precise and informative and the facilities made me proud to meet my clients there. I feel that I have been set up for success at HomeSmart and I’m ready to conquer the world of real estate and sell some homes!!!

Rebecca O’Brien
After researching and meeting with several brokerages, it was clear that HomeSmart was the right choice for me. I was immediately impressed with the variety of marketing resources, training opportunities, sales tools, and support available, Everyone I’ve spoken with has been helpful and welcoming throughout the on-boarding experience. I am so excited to beginning my real estate career with HomeSmart and grateful to have joined such a talented team!

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