The Birth of HomeSmart ION Realty Group

Surprisingly enough, it is rather a simple, common story.  It goes something like this . . 

     A couple of professional real estate Brokers (Dave & Tom) realized one day that they were spending an incredible amount of money annually to do their jobs.  With dues, fees, subscriptions, tolls, automobile expenses as well as meals, home repairs and general everyday real estate expenses a significant amount of money was never finding it's way to their families.  After enitrely too much coffee mixed with more dreams and ideas than they knew they had between them, off they went to see if the idea of a new real estate company was even feasible.

     They put their heads together with one thing in mind.  Finding a company and a way where great brokers could make a good living and not forfeit so much of their earnings.  Once they ran across the HomeSmart model, they were sold - THEY HAD FOUND IT!  Nine months later they opened the doors to the new 3400 sq' HomeSmart ION Realty Group office in Lynnwood and they haven't looked back since.

     Adding highly trained Brokers to their ranks weekly has been their passion and they have added some great ones with more to come!  Keep your eyes on this office - you are seeing something birthed which they believe will be the trend of the future in the world of real estate.   At this point they are sure that the next several years will be not only prosperous but one heck of a good time for all involved!

     As of this writing (January 2019) we have over 85 agents  and have added another office in Mill Creek as well. .   "THEY FOUND IT!".  Don't believe us?  Look at our agent roster . . . call any of those agents listed and ask them!  Come join us today!!






HomeSmart ION Realty Group

4114 198th Street Southwest, Suite 2 | Lynnwood, WA 98036

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