RealSmart Broker

The scalable brokerage performance management software that enables you to run and grow your entire business from one place.

Visibility and Efficiency

From document review and accounting to big data and marketing, manage your entire business in this centralized platform.

Simplified Paperwork

Manage files from start to finish in one tab and, with the RealSmart Agent integration, increase communication, organization and compliance.

Continuous Growth

Make better business decisions by tracking your recruiting efforts, managing your leads and pulling custom generated reports.

See How RealSmart Broker Works

RealSmart Broker is the single software that gives you access to all the back-office tasks, recruiting and marketing tools, and the simplified document review process you need to run your brokerage.

The Backbone of Your Business


documents reviewed last year


login for all your business tasks


paid in technology fees

Integrated and Inclusive

RealSmart Broker and RealSmart Agent are integrated for seamless communication by posting updates to their dashboard and classes to their training calendar. Give your brokerage an inclusive experience with the best brokerage performance software on the market.

Software that Scales

RealSmart Broker puts your brokerage on the fast track for growth. Whether you have 10 agents or 1,000, this software platform scales with your business so you can grow efficiently and profitably.

No Technology Fees, Ever.

RealSmart Broker is available to all HomeSmart franchises fee-free.

RealSmart Broker is available to all HomeSmart franchises without technology fees. Get everything you need to run your business through a single log-in. Your business will thank you and so will your agents.

Breakthrough Brokerage Performance System

This integrated brokerage performance management system allows you to conveniently manage your entire business in one place without technology fees or third-party resources. Reduce risk, increase compliance and streamline agent communication with the simplified transaction management system while accessing all necessary brokerage back-office tasks and custom reports.

With RealSmart Broker, you can make better decisions for your business. Preview the software or request a confidential call to learn more.

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