At HomeSmart, a home is sold, on average, every 9 minutes.

HomeSmart is one of the top 5 real estate brokerages in the country. With more than 16,000 agents worldwide, we are a market leader that continues to grow! On average an agent joins HomeSmart every 90 minutes and we’ve grown to +$20.5 Billion in sales over the last 18 years. We offer our agents tools and technology that no other company offers.

Selling or buying your home is one of the most important decisions made in life. We realize the importance of this decision and we’ve built our company to help homeowners like you through this process. Contact us today for a free 30-minute real estate consultation – by phone or in-person.

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Six Steps to Selling Your Home

Step 1 – You

Our First Priority is you and your needs as a homeowner. What is your reason for selling, your desired selling price and timeframe, and what do you want to achieve by selling your home? It’s only after we fully understand your goals, needs and situation that we can move on to what we will do and how we will help sell your home.

Step 2 – Powerful Data

We provide powerful market data and intelligence to help you succeed in making informed decisions toward reaching your goals. Our state-of-the-art HomeSmart software will provide you with neighborhood data, local and national consumer trends, comparable market analysis on your specific home and proper pricing strategies.

Step 3 – Our Nationwide Network

HomeSmart International allows you to tap into our expansive network of agents and experts both locally and nationwide. HomeSmart is locally dominant and will often sell a home quickly within our own network. Combine that with our wide reach, growing presence and prestigious reputation for innovation and industry leadership, we will get you the Results you are looking for.

Step 4 – Innovative Technology

HomeSmart’s one-of-a kind online paperless transaction system streamlines and speeds up the process, enables constant communication and allows us to serve you with amazing customer service. Including powerful Automated Marketing tools like a website, YouTube video, virtual tours of your home, custom emails, marketing flyers and syndication to over 1,000 real estate and consumer websites. These tools enable us to market to curated lists of potential buyers, market to our Sphere of Influence of REALTOR® and the REALTOR® in our network. This Technology and Innovation – Drives Service and Results.

Step 5 – Knowledge & Experience

We offer Experience, Knowledge and a proven Marketing Process. Our experience and knowledge will assure you that we are the best option to help guide you through the real estate process. We also offer references and contacts who can give you a first hand account of how we’ve helped them achieve their real estate goals.

Step 6 – Partners & Support

We will introduce you to my powerful network of Partners & Support Services, to assist you along the way. We will provide you with a pool of experts in Mortgage & Financing, Closing, Title, Home Warranty, Moving & Storage and much more. No matter where you are with the decision of whether or not to sell your home, we want to help.

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