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At September and Zingg, we are family, and believe in treating our clients with the same level of respect and care we give to each other. We know that every real estate transaction carries with it weighty decisions and varied emotions, and since we care deeply about people, we love that it is our responsibility to guide our clients through such an important process.


For us, there is no deal too small and no client less important than another.

While we enjoy the challenge of luxury properties, we also thrive on the excitement of a first-time home buyer or of a couple finding a fixer-upper that sparks their creative energies.  Our level of attention remains high no matter the price point.


We’re not salespeople, at least not in the same sense as many other agents.  

If you have a home to sell, we’ll employ targeted marketing strategies to bring you a buyer, and we’ll work very hard at it, but we’re not here to sell you on making a decision when the house or timing is not right.  There’s no place for pressure or manipulation in our relationships.


You should feel informed, and it’s our duty to help with that. 

To keep transactions moving smoothly, and to ensure that every decision is made with confidence, we provide our clients with:


  • Powerful Market Data
  • On Point Pricing (Julie is also a certified appraiser)
  • Understanding of Legal Contracts
  • Organized Buying and Selling Processes


  • Targeted Marketing

all with consistent communication. 


Give us a call, and let’s get to know one another.


Julie and Lindsay

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