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Millennial's Guide to Home Ownership

This a great resource to help you prepare for making the best investment you can make and start saving for your retirement!


Buyer's Purchasing Power

This is a great tool to give you an idea of approximately how much your monthly house payment will be based on interest rates and appreciation.


Secrets of a Successful Transaction

Are you thinking about buying a house in the near future? Call a Realtor! Your TEAM, which is you, your Realtor and Lender, can sit down and come up with a plan. This could be preparing to buy a home within the month, in six months, or a year or more! Give me call 602.571.1064

Buyers Purchasing Power

Get an approximate idea on what your monthly house payment will be based on the price of the house and the interest rate(s).


2019 Mortgage Rate Forecast

A quick video to see what market experts are projecting for mortgage rates in 2019.

How Much has your Home Value Increased

Thinking about selling? See how much your home value has increased and give me a call!

When is the Best Time to Sell your House

Take a look at this quick video you might be surprised!

Home Ownership for all Generations

Home Ownership is important to all generations!