Radhika Rathnam

DRE: SA655017000

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Vivian and Mike

Radhika has been an amazing agent for us as a family. Her professional expertise has always been a source of trust and confidence for any of our house buying, selling, or renting needs. There are many agents out there, but Radhika has always looked out for the interest first of those who are her clients. We couldn't have been happier with her services. She has grown to be close friend of the family and we will continue to use her for all our housing needs.

Marietta and Derek

Radhika was an absolute professional and a joy to deal with. From the moment of our first contact, we could tell she was the agent for us. Her thorough research on pricing, her hands on approach to marketing, amazing follow-up on every detail, and her willingness to fight for every dollar are just a few of the fine attributes she possesses. Combine that with a terrific sense of humor, we had an awesome experience. We have recommended her to our friends, and would recommend her to all.

Pranav and Shweta

I was very happy that we used Radhika to help us get our house rented.(although she does not manage post renting due to her company policy)She is easily approachable, has excellent communication and negotiation skills and u need not worry about anything as she takes care of all steps and procedures involved in real estate business.She works solo so you always reach her directly when you call.I highly recommend her without reservation.Rest assured you are in great hands for either to sell, buy or rent.

Suchita and Shishir

I cannot say enough about Radhika's service. Out of 5, I would give her 10 stars. This was by far my best real estate experience! After extensive research and interviewing several realtors, she was the only agent who understood the value of a T.W. Lewis home. It was a huge relief since we could trust her to market it appropriately. Undoubtedly, she did an awesome job!! She got us top dollar for the house. We got an offer within 2 weeks of being listed. Even despite the holiday season, we closed in less than a month. Radhika was more a partner than an agent throughout the process. She was super responsive and helped us through inspection, appraisal and even came to the closing to make sure all the paperwork was on point! She was a true delight to work with. I've already recommended her to many of my family and friends and will continue to do so.

Martha and Joe

My husband and I moved back from Texas to Arizona and had the pleasure of having Radhika as our Realtor. Because we were looking to downsize and looking to eventually move into an active adult community she took the time to find areas where we would feel good about our new style of living. Radhika also made calls to see if we qualified in certain adult living communities. She was attentive to our needs and did not waste my time showing me houses that were not our fit since I was coming into town every other week. From the beginning and throughout the closing process she was always on top it. Afterwards she made sure we had our ducks in a row to turning on all our utilities and making sure we had all our questions answered. Once everything was complete, thanks to her, we walked into our dream house. Radhika was very professional and made us feel like we were her only clients. Thanks Radhika for finding us our retirement home in an Active Adult Retirement Community, we love it and we recommend her for your Realtor!

Rob and Michelle

I’ll admit, I’m a name-brand shopper when it comes to most things – selling our home was no different. I started out with what I perceived to be the best agent(s): heaviest card stock, fanciest business cards and flashiest sales fliers at the top of my pile. I was after the best of the best - largest team I could find to market our home. I spoke with many, interviewed a few, but none left me as confident as Radhika. Solo agent, no assistant or team, from an agency I had never heard of... Like everyone, I needed top dollar and as few days on market as possible. Similar homes in my area were making me very nervous with 90+ days on market, as well as reductions of 15-20% in price. Radhika convinced me she had a solid plan. Her preparation and game plan to sell our home covered everything I could dream up and then some! Radhika quickly put everything we discussed into motion. All services we decided to use were thoroughly interviewed, vetted and scheduled for my review. She even negotiated discounts where applicable. After some minimal home improvements, house staging, and a professional photographer, Radhika created a “Must See” listing. We received an offer (for over 99% of our asking price) in 7 days! But we were far from finished, and this is where Radhika really earned her money. We had to schedule an inspection, a VA appraisal, as well as a closing of the buyer’s house (with a major holiday weekend) in less than a month. Everything came together like magic. Radhika kept me well informed, took my calls, texts and emails 24/7, and made sure nothing was left to chance. All of this happened while my family and I were thousands of miles away. Out of 10 stars, I would give her a 12. Easily my best real estate experience ever.


I was very fortunate to have Radhika as my realtor. She was patient with my every changing needs and was always available to answer questions. We looked at over 80 homes before I finally picked one! Radhika was there every step of the way through her professionalism, knowledge of the local areas, honesty and hard work ethic. I always felt she was on my side and never felt rushed when looking at homes. It has been a year since I moved in and I am very happy that she helped me find my "new home sweet home". I have already recommended her to my family!


I met Radhika through my brother and sister in law, she helped them put their rental house back together after their tenants left the house in shambles. From our dealing with that home I realized she was on hands when working with you and always available to you. When it was time to sell my house, I really go to see a caring person, a very knowledgeable realtor and if she did not have the answer she would say I am not sure but let me find out. She walked me through making my house look presentable for viewing, what I need to re-arrange or remove. Sat down with me to show me what the homes in my area sold for. Also, sat with me and explained step by step how the process would work. She did open houses, followed up with realtors who brought prospective buyers and kept me abreast of what they had to say. At times, I would call her after 9:00 PM and she answered always making me feel that the call was welcomed. Once I texted her and she was out with family and friends but she answered my texts until I realized she was out at which time I told her we could do this another day, even so, she said no I can do this. It wasn't that important, so, I said no more text for tonight. My home was a little harder because we were working under a time crunch and I was panicking but she kept me calm. She is honest, reliable, trustworthy, and a hard worker. She will meet with you on your schedule and where you say. I loved that once the house went in to escrow, she explained what the next steps were...how long before closing, what steps I needed to take to start moving out, she even gave me listings of movers I could call. She gave me dates as to when I could start calling the utility companies to shut off my utilities as well as changing my address. Selling a home is stressful but having Radhika took away so much of the stress. When we had showings, she would give us a few hours or if possible a days’ notice. I sold a home in Los Angeles and after working with Radhika I wish the realtor I had in Los Angeles had the knowledge and caring attitude I found in Radhika. Please, if you are in the process of selling your home and you come across her card or someone tells you about her, please, call her. You won't regret it. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to buy a home. and I will work with her again.

Brandon and Aimee

I can't recommend Radhika highly enough. First and foremost, Radhika has a tremendous work ethic and relentless energy. She would answer my calls morning, afternoon, and night. In the rare occasion she was not able to answer, I would get a return call within a few minutes. She gladly took my wife and I out to look at dozens of houses weekend after weekend and remained enthusiastic throughout the entire process despite how unreasonably picky we were. Whenever I had any questions on any part of the process, she was happy to talk to me, my wife, my lender, the seller, etc. Second, Radhika always put our interests first. When we went out touring homes she was quick to point out their flaws and didn't simply sing their praises. Radhika is not going to sell you a home, she is going to help you chose the one that is right for you. Third, Radhika has an impressive knowledge of the local market. In every home we walked through, she would let us know things like who the builder was and the relative quality usually seen from those builders. The house that we ended up buying wasn't even in one of the neighborhoods we told her we wanted to look in. Radhika had an understanding of what we were looking for and found the perfect house for us. Finally, Radhika consistently got us a better deal than we were expecting. Even when we said that we were willing to accept the sellers counter offer, Radhika continued to negotiate on our behalf and we got the house for thousands less than we were expecting. In summary, I can't speak highly enough of Radhika. If you're lucky enough to be able to use her as your realtor, you can look forward to an incredibly pleasant and easy process.

Ken and Alma

No one works harder to find the house you want at a price you can afford than Radhika. My wife and I were more than likely the most difficult clients, We wanted a nice house in a great neighborhood close to where we both work that was affordable. Finding our house was very difficult with the budget we have to work with. Radhika worked very hard, she knew what we wanted and did not give up until my wife and I were happy. Radhika has put together a team of phenomenal people to get things done, this brings me to Brian Earhart with Simple Loans, another hard worker that knows how to make things happen. Brian and Radhika are the "Dynamic Duo" they will knock down the barriers that are keeping you from getting the house of your dreams. I will never go elsewhere. My wife and I just love driving up to our beautiful home each day, Its still hard to believe it is ours. Thank you Radhika Rathnam and Brian Earhart with Simple Loans

Ricardo and Sonya

I have and would without hesitation recommend Radhika to anyone I know. At no time did I feel like I was selling my house. With the great help of Radhika and her own décor we made the house presentable and welcoming for all feature buyers. She went above and beyond with achieving a positive outcome. The process was as it should be; stress free and in the care of a professional. This allowed my family and I to focus on other aspects of our life. We cannot thank her enough for her efforts, wish her continued success in her endeavors.

Adrian and Desiree

Purchasing a new house for the first time, I didn't have an idea what specific needs I was looking for. Radhika was recommended to me by my lender and I can see why. The professionalism and resourceful sharp attitude were displayed on first impressions that carried every step of the way. Finding a way to work around my difficult work schedule is satisfying. Strongly guiding me through the pros and cons of each viewed house along with neighborhood character. Which in turn solved the decision making to search for the right home. Planned itinerary helped make the viewings a breeze and fun. Having Radhika by my side you definitely get a safe and secure feeling as she is present with you at every event. I am happy to say I own a beautiful home and I couldn't have done it without an excellent agent.

Hope and Jacob

Radhika is a Realtor-Angel! She made our renting experience one to remember. We were looking on Zillow at rentals and after calling many realtors in the area, Radhika was the first to pick up the phone. She was available to meet us at the home in an hour! Radhika helped us with the application process and made us feel special. We are a hard-working young couple and for an agent to treat us so good means so much! I have family moving inter-state to Arizona and have referred them to her! Thank-you for treating us so well and giving us the opportunity to use you as our realtor now and for the future!


This was my first time both working with Radhika and with using a real estate agent to help me find the right rental property. Radhika was well-prepared, knowledgeable, and assertive in her ability and willingness to advocate for me. Radhika answered all of my questions and provided me with options and support throughout the entire process to make sure I selected the right property. Radhika genuinely had my best interests in mind, and she worked diligently from start to finish. Radhika’s expertise eliminated the stress of searching for a home, and I look forward to working with her again when I purchase my next home. I would absolutely recommend Radhika Rathnam to anyone looking for an experienced realtor who truly cares about her clients. Thank you, Radhika!

Josh and Amanda

Radhika was very helpful and thorough in figuring out the type of home that we were looking for. Once we had that narrowed down, she found a multitude of homes that fit our specific needs and price range. We were able to find a home very quickly because of her thorough efforts. Even after we had found the home and moved in, she would check in to make sure everything was going well. I would highly recommend Radhika to anyone looking for a Realtor!

Kimberly and Shavone

My sister and I were in a serious bind trying to get into a rental home. I was referred to Radhika and called her immediately. I left her voicemail and she called me back within a few hours. She asked me what I was looking for in the rental and by that evening she had a list for us. She is extremely polite, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and very patient. She listened to what we wanted and every single house we visited met the criteria. We were able to get into a home within our deadline and she was there with us every step of the way. She was always available if we had questions. I have already referred friends and family to her. Some are looking to rent and some are selling, but I know I will continue to go to her for all of my real estate needs.

Janette and David

Radhika Rathnam was recommend to me by a good friend in the real estate business to help my husband and I with leasing a new home. She was able to find us the perfect house in less than a week. She even did some detective work to reach the owner within hours, so we did not take a chance of losing the house! Our credit was not great, but with her help we were easily able to get the house. I have owned and leased several homes in my life, and worked with many real estate professionals. Radhika was by far the most professional, efficient, fast and kind person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I will most certainly recommend her to anyone looking for help with any real estate business, sales or leases. Thank you Radhika!

Brandon and Aimee

Our current lease was ending and we needed to move to a new rental to be closer to work. We were dreading the upcoming process of sifting through endless listings, fighting to get in touch with agents to set up viewings, and negotiating terms. We called Radhika and she confidently expressed that she would be able to find us a home within our budget that we would love. Radhika took charge of the situation and we were floored with the level of care and service she provided. It felt like we were her only clients and always a top priority. Throughout the entire process Radhika displayed a high level knowledge of the Phoenix Metropolitan market area and was able to find us a gorgeous home in a great neighborhood that we had not even considered. We are currently living in a rental that surpassed all of the items on our wish list and are both unbelievably great-full to have been referred to her. When we are ready to buy a home we will without any doubt or hesitation be giving our favorite realtor and friend Radhika a call. Radhika has a clear passion for her work and you can tell she takes pride in doing her job well. We cannot recommend her highly enough.