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Real Estate Tips

Tips for Buyers


  • Get pre-approved by a real estate lender early in the process.  Obtain a pre-qual form from the lender showing what loan amount you quaify for.  This will help me find you homes in your price range.  The pre-qual is a necessary part of an offer, so you might as well do it early.
  • I will set up an MLS portal to email you homes that match your criteria.  Check this daily and let me know right away which ones you want to look at.  Early action means you won't miss out on any homes that might work for you.  I will also alert you when homes matching your needs come to my attention.  Consider us partners in this process.
  • If you see a yard sign in front of a property that interests you, don't ever hesitate to ask about it.  Just provide the address, and I'll research it for you.  It might be the perfect home that isn't in MLS yet.
  • Try not to incur any new debt after you've been pre-qualified or any time during the loan process.  Even opening a new store charge account or obtaining a new credit card can affect your credit.
  • Read over the Buyer's Advisory that I will email you.  It will answer many questions about Arizona property, but ask  about anything in it that isn't clear to you.
  • Call Mary with any questions.  There are no foolish questions!

Tips for Sellers

  • Declutter your home.  Remove extra furniture so the spaces are as large as possible.  Remove family photos so buyers can focus on the home and not those beautiful wedding and travel photos.  Write a list of improvements you have made so these can be posted in MLS.  The best prospects are often the first visitors, so do your repairs and cosmetic touches before the first showing
  • Make your property as easy for MLS agents to show as you possibly can.  Sometimes the best showings are those scheduled only a few hours ahead.  A lockbox is considered secure because every use is recorded so showings can be traced to the agent who used it.  I will follow up with every showing and will provide you with feedback.
  • If possible plan to be away during showings so buyers can openly bring up objections and plan remodeling and other changes privately.  Walking your dog during showings is a good idea.  Buyers will naturally love your dog, and it will be a distraction from the showing.
  • Complete your Sellers' Disclosure right away.  It's best to do this when you don't have the pressure of a deadline. Contact your insurance agent to obtain a Claims History.   You will need both of these when an offer comes in.
  • Call Mary with any questions.  There are no foolish questions!