Robert Daly Richards

DRE: SA668722000

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About Me

Welcome to my website.  Having lived in the Phoenix area for over 20-years I have adopted the classification of  "de facto" native of Arizona.  I was purportedly raised and educated in Central Ohio and became a Westerner largely due to three events: 1) A month-long cross county family trip in the summer of 1969; 2) An after-college stint near Rocky Mountain Park in Colorado; and 3) A February 1982 business trip to Scottsale from Cleveland.


I have worked in a wide variety of industries and enterprises including telecommuncations, government, retail and independant business owner.  These varied experinces are the foundation of my work as a realtor.

Real estate is a relationship based business.  The job of a realtor is very simply to help people buy and sell property.  A realtor must be versant with the ever changing "technology" associated with the business.  Perhaps more importantly a realtor must be able to serve and represent buyers and sellers in the complex transactions associated with the sale and purchase of real estate.

A realtor is your partner in one of the most important transactions in your life.  It is the realtor's obligation to build trust by demonstrating compentence, knowledge, experience, compassion and care.  As a realtor I serve you.

If you are looking to buy a home or sell your current home I would welcome an opportunity to interview for that job.