Rebecca Brooks

DRE: SA651364000

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Neal B., Phoenix

Rebecca is very knowledgeable about the Phoenix market. She is diligent and professional in her dealings. She knows a lot about overall market conditions. She is an excellent negotiator and got me my home for the best possible price.

Daniel Henderson

When Rebecca was in the Communication industry I dealt with her for more than 10 years. In all of my dealings with her I was always completely satisfied with her knowledge and honestly. As a customer of hers I could always depend on a fair and lastly arrangement. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone in any field of work because of her honesty and willingness to see the project thru from beginning to end.

Louise Jackson, Phoenix

As a 1st time home buyer, I was impressed we were able to find a house and close within 2 months. She negotiated an amazing deal for us, sale price as well as repairs were in my favor.

Laurel B., Seattle, WA

Sold a luxury home in 2014 for approximately $2.775M. Rebecca is the realtor you want representing you in negotiations. Her professionalism, market knowledge and work ethic provide clients the expertise necessary to get the best real estate deal at the best terms possible, whether as a buyer or a seller. Her integrity and tenacity are just two of her best attributes, and a big reason why she is at the top of her field. She utilizes all the tools and technology available to achieve the goals of her clients, and her instincts are spot on. I have worked with and known Rebecca for 20 years.

Chuck Carefoot

I have worked with Rebecca in the Real Estate and Construction industry for years. Her professionalism, integrety, and commitment to her customers has always impressed me. Rebecca took the time to fully understand our needs vs. wants and consistently provided great solutions.

Sabrina Cheri, Scottsdale

Rebecca made the process of selling my home extremely enjoyable. Her marketing and sales skills got my home sold in 15 days. She is the best Realtor around.

Fred Hunter, Chandler

Rebecca assisted me with advice on an out of state purchase and on providing financial support to a r.e. project. In both cases, there was nothing in it for her. Yet, she was helpful in reviewing the docs and providing timely and well informed advice.

Albert Clugston, San Diego, CA

Rebecca assisted me with advice on an out of state purchase and on providing financial support to a r.e. project. In both cases, there was nothing in it for her. Yet, she was helpful in reviewing the docs and providing timely and well informed advice.

Reuel H., Los Angeles, CA

Rebecca has been assisting me in planning a retirement home purchase. Her knowledge of the market and negotiations skills are first rate. She was able to help me more clearly understand my wants and needs in down sizing my home while finding a neighborhood that better fit my retirement lifestyle. She was a pleasure to work and communicate with. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone trying to find a home to purchase or sell.

Michael Fockler, Tempe

Rebecca was fun and provided a lot of knowledge for the area. Places and attractions close by. She spent time touring many homes with me and when we decided on the best choice she helped negotiate a great price.

Keith B., Greenwich, CT

My family and I were considering a move to the North Phoenix/Scottsdale area. A friend had used Rebecca as their listing agent when they sold their Arcadia home recently, so we contacted her. She was able to help us narrow down our search and guided us through the process. As a result of her professional connections she was able to introduce us to an agent in Greenwich, that promises to make selling there a dream! Overall, I cant recommend her highly enough!

Julie Jones, Paradise Valley

Rebecca has always handled situations with professionalism and grace. She has handled the details expertly. She is also a joy to work with. She knows Phoenix and the surrounding cities, therefore, her knowledge about different areas of the city are very helpful.

Kim & Scott, Tempe

We loved our experience with Rebecca. Our first Realtor was a friend of a friend, what a mistake. That person was agitated because we did not buy the first house we were shown. We did not experience this with Rebecca. She did not push us to buy at the first chance. We were outbid on a house we really liked and could not match the higher asking price. Rebecca supported our decision and started right back to work searching for other houses. Within a couple of weeks Rebecca found out that the first bidder backed out and we purchased our house for the price we could afford. Her negotiation skills saved us $15,000 on the sale price and the seller made numerous concessions following the inspection which gave us additional savings. The appraisal came back at $15,000 more than our purchase price, we were ecstatic. Thanks Rebecca

Brett C., Scottsdale

As a first time home buyer I have had many questions and am so thankful I had Rebecca to help me through this process. She knows the right questions to ask and obviously knows the business very well. She is not only professional but also a pleasure to be around. I would highly recommend her services.

Jeff Will

Will Architects
Solid... Rebecca is smart and a very good negotiator; additionally, with just a little bit of direction she knew exactly what I wanted. I would use her again.

Belle Sheri Ruiz

Rebecca Brooks is a highly motivated individual that consistently goes above and beyond. She is extremely goal oriented and driven to succeed. She is responsible and highly organized. There isn't anything that she can't accomplish

Robert & Yuri H.

Rebecca has been active in real estate well before the downturn of 2008-2009, and has continued to be involved since. Knowledge and experience gained over this full cycle is invaluable.