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Buyer's tips

Posted On: July 29th, 2016 7:41PM

What you want to avoid doing during the buying process:


When You Buy A House. Many people are searching for strategies on how to buy a home properly. However, while it is true that knowing these strategies are important, knowing what specific actions to avoid during the negotiations is also equally important. As the best real estate company in the country, we will show you through an infographic the things that you really need to avoid when negotiating for a home.

Actions to Avoid When Buying a House

Just because your loan has been pre-approved and just because your dream of having your house is one step closer to reality, it still doesn’t mean that you are now entitled to relax. You need to be cautious with your actions. You can’t just sit back and just assume that the home is now entirely yours. You have to work hard for it. Nothing comes easy. While most of the hard work is now done, there are still eight things to avoid. This is to make sure that there will be no delays to your home ownership.

  1. Do not apply for a new credit card- It will not help if you apply for a new credit card. This step is very unnecessary. You must remember that your goal here is to increase your credit rating. This means that if you have higher credit rating, the chance of obtaining a loan is also much higher. Moreover, with a high credit score you can negotiate for a lower rate of interest for your loans.
  2. Do not buy a new car- Common sense will dictate that you can never use your money twice. You must basically be sure that you have enough cash inflow to support and pay off your home mortgage loans. Your loan must be the priority aside from the necessary household expenses.
  3. Do not furnish the home before you even own it- Avoid buying things for the home when you still do not own it. It will be a waste of time and money to do so.
  4. Avoid changing jobs- Changing jobs might delay your quest for home ownership. While it is true that changing jobs can give you a higher pay, you can never squander your precious time on any kind of delay.
  5. Don’t go behind payments- Make sure that you can settle all your expenses and liabilities on time.
  6. Don’t close any credit accounts! It make sense to clean up your finances by cancelling unused credit cards and transferring balances to other cards to get a lower interest rate when you’re offered them. Don’t do it! This is can be a bad move for your credit score.
  7. Don’t spend your savings- You basically need some cash for the down payment of the house. It would be a waste if you would throw your savings away on things that are unnecessary. Moreover, the same will be needed if closing costs will arise in the transaction.

Don’t move money without a paper trail- Your creditor will need some documentation of all your financial transactions to ensure that you really have enough money

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