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Tucson's Eastside

Posted On: July 16th, 2015 11:23PM

          People who at preparing to move have to consider what areas to search for their new home?  I want to share some reasons Tucson’s eastside is a great location for anyone looking to relocate to Southern AZ .  There are many hidden treasures to find convenient to the eastside of Tucson.  From the northeast to the southeast, there are wonderful restaurants, beautiful mountain views and fun activities.  In the central area of Tucson there are many beautiful homes, but the opportunity to purchase new construction is very limited. As you approach the eastside of Tucson you can find new construction subdivisions from many of the big builders.  I will expand on the housing situation on Tucson’s east side in a later section, first let’s discuss the many things you can do on Tucson’s eastside.

            Some of the great places to visit around the eastside of Tucson include the Saguaro National Park East, to enjoy a day picnic or scenic view drive of the Rincon Mountains.  Colossal Cave is located in Vail close to east Tucson and offers guided tours through the cave. The eastside of Tucson also has several public parks where you can spend the day and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you need to cool off from the hot summer temperatures, Mt Lemmon is just a quick drive up the mountain to the pine trees.  Trail dust town is a great place to take your visitors to experience the old west. There is dining, shopping and a wild west stunt show. There are also many schools, with the convenience of Pima Community College having their own eastside campus as well.

There are a wide variety of restaurants on the eastside of Tucson. In the old west of Trail Dust town lays Pinnacle Peaks steak house where you can order your own cowbody steak.  If you are looking for a something besides a steak for your meal, you can drop into Dakota Bar and Grill, also in Trail Dust Town.  Just down the street is the Eclectic Café where you can find delicious salads and elegant foods. For a special evening treat, make your way out to Corona de Tucson to find the family owned Italian restaurant, Argenzianos. Check out the reviews for this restaurant on Yelp

Now that you know about what you can do on the Eastside of Tucson, it is time to see what home options are available.  Tucson’s eastside offer many different opportunities for owning a brand new home.  New construction offers buyers the joy of a brand new home, often including a builder warranty and the opportunity to choose many of your own colors and features in your new home. KB Homes, Pulte, Pepper Viner, Mesquite Homes, AF Sterling and others are all builders you can find on Tucson’s Eastside.  You can enjoy a new construction home along with beautiful mountain views on Tucson’s eastside.

When you choose Tucson’s Eastside, make sure you choose Tucson’s Eastside Specialist by calling 520-448-7000.

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