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What’s That You Said

Posted On: January 18th, 2017 11:21PM

With all the technology in the home these days you might want to think twice about what you say when touring a home.  I recently read an article about a agent who called his seller to say he had an offer on his home.  The seller responded by citing verbatim what the offer was.  He knew all the details, what their strategy was on pricing, etc.  Apparently they stood in the house discussing all of it and it was all recorded.  


There was a security camera in the home and there was a sign alerting people that unauthorized entry can be recorded but no one took that to mean each visit would be. 

Since that happened he has been more vigilant for cameras in homes.  Without being too alarmist, I will start cautioning my clients that when there is an alarm system there could be cameras as well.  


This issue should give pause to think twice about discussing a home, good points or bad points, while inside it.  ‘Careful what you say and careful what you do’ will need to be the mantra going forward.  Buyers wishing to discuss their thoughts and strategies would be wise to take it outside.


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