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Real Estate Tips

Home buying process

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I will search and select homes for you based on your needs.


1 First consulting


  • Define agency relationship
  • Determine needs and wants
  • Discuss financial qualifications

2. Loan Qualification


  • Discuss financial resources
  • Obtain qualification letter               

3. House hunting


  •   Properties tour that you consider and "Ideal" home while learning about current market value


4. Find "Ideal" home & Make Offer

  • Discuss appropriate strategies with agent, and make reasonable offer
  • Review contract
  • Prepare initial deposit money

5. Present & Negotiate Offer

  • Let your agent negotiate & make the offer at the best price possible


6. Open Escrow

  • Escrow officer will order Preliminary Title Report and send copies
  • Your money is deposited

Submit Loan Application

Submit Loan Application to the lender with all necessary documents


Underwriting & Appraisal

Underwriter review files for acceptance


Appraiser determines value of home

Inspections & Disclosures

Buyer's approval of Transfer Disclosure Statement and Preliminary Title Report.


Physical and pest inspections

Renegotiate Price

If critical issues are discovered during due diligence, negotiate the price!

7. Review Title

  • All Title Documents are searched and reviewd

8. Remove Contingencies

Loan Commitment

Loan is approved

Homeowner Insurance

Select insurance company and coverage then give insurance agent escrow information

9. Sign Documents

  • Loan ducuments will go to Title Company
  • Sign Loan Document & closing cost statements

10. Down payment and Loan Funding

  • Send your Down payment and closing cost to Title Company
  • Lender sends funds to Title company

11. Record, and Transfer Title & Close of Escrow

  • Deed is recorded by County Recorder's office
  • Get key to your new home