Ken Van Riper

LICENSE: FA.100050364

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About Me


I am fascinated by homes and everything related to them!  Growing up in Virginia, my early interest in architecture led me to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Virginia Tech, and subsequently to a 20-year career as an architect.  Although my experience as an architect was primarily with large scale commercial and institutional projects, my interests in interior design, materials, furnishings and kitchen design started tugging me in a different direction.  A move to Denver in 2012 provided the impetus for me to follow those interests by starting a new career in residential real estate.  I saw it as an opportunity to make personal connections with many more people while helping them reach their real estate goals, and to engage with architecture at a more personal level.  I’ve fallen in love with Denver!  It’s such a vibrant, exciting city, with beautiful neighborhoods, fascinating architecture and wonderful cultural opportunities; and of course the physical beauty and chance for adventure that await outside the city can’t be beat.  I currently live with my partner in the Mayfair neighborhood of Denver, and in my free time I enjoy running, hiking, cooking, travel, and spending time with our adorable dog.


Working with me as your Realtor®

I believe that my formal education, training and experience as an architect give me a different perspective, allowing me to see the highest potential in every home.  My knowledge of building and finish materials and construction practices can help clients evaluate new builds or recently renovated homes, and I can offer suggestions with homes that may need a little work.  Also, working in a demanding, deadline driven career for years, I developed the ability to remain calm in pressure situations.  Buying or selling a home can certainly be a stressful process!  But I consider it my responsibility to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible, bringing attentive listening, excellent communication and attention to detail every step of the way.  Of course, real estate transactions are about so much more than architecture; they’re about living.  The famous mid-20th century French architect Le Corbusier said, “The home should be the treasure chest of living.”  I’m excited to help you find your treasure chest!

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