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Colorado Project Wildfire

Posted On: May 4th, 2019 12:52AM

The Colorado Association of Realtors has introduced a great new resource:

Colorado Project Wildfire Tool Kit


Homeowners can take steps to protect their property and help alleviate the spread of wildland fires. Many Coloradans living in the foothills in ponderosa and lodgepole forests need to consider the fire-prone nature of these ecosystems.

Below are some tools to help alleviate the spread of wildland fires:






Defensible space is the area around a home or other structure that has been modified to reduce fire hazard. In this area, natural and manmade fuels are treated, cleared or reduced to slow the spread of wildfire. Creating defensible space also works in the reverse, and reduces the chance of a structure fire spreading to neighboring homes or the surrounding forest. Defensible space gives your home a fighting chance against an approaching wildfire. Creating an effective defensible space involves a series of management zones in which different treatment techniques are used.

Due to Colorado’s arid climate and fire-dependent forests, many homeowners and landowners may be particularly vulnerable to wildfires. It is important to keep this threat in mind when buying or building a home.


Fire is unpredictable. If there are weaknesses in your home’s fire protection scheme, fire can gain the upper hand because of some overlooked or seemingly inconsequential factor. By creating wildfire-defensible zones, homes are less vulnerable from this naturally occurring phenomenon and the chance of spreading wildfires is greatly reduced. Learn more from the links below or visit the Colorado State University by clicking here.


International Association of Fire Chief’s RSG Program
USDA Forest Service
U.S. Dept. of the Interior
U.S. Fire Administration
Colorado State University

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2019 Farmer's Markets

Posted On: April 20th, 2019 3:38PM

'Tis the season... for locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables. It's easy to support local small farms by shopping our seasonal Farmer's Markets. Here's a list to get you started:


Old South Pearl Street Farmers' Market

1500 S Pearl Street | Denver

June 5th-Oct 30th | Sundays from 9AM-1PM



Littleton Farmers' Market

7301 S Santa Fe Dr. | Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center

June 12th-Sept 25th | Wednesdays 10AM-2PM or sellout



Southwest Plaza Farmers' Market

8501 W Bowles Ave | Littleton

May 4th-Oct 26th | Saturdays 8AM-2PM



City Park Esplanade Fresh Market

E Colfax Ave & Columbine St

June 15th-Oct 27th | Sundays 9AM-1PM



Highlands Ranch Farmers' and Street Market

9288 Dorchester St | Highlands Ranch Town Center

May 5th-Oct 26th | Sundays 10AM-2PM or sellout



Golden Farmers' Market

1019 10th St | Golden Public Library

June 1st-Oct 5th | Saturdays 8AM-1PM



Lakewood Farmers' Market

9077 W Alameda Ave | Mile Hi Church

June 15th-Sept 28th | Saturdays 10AM-2PM or sellout



Cherry Creek Fresh Market

E 1st Ave & University Blvd | Denver

May 4th-Oct 26th | Saturdays 8AM-1PM

June 12th-Sept 25th | Wednesdays 9AM-1PM



Stapleton Fresh Market

E 29th Ave & Roslyn St | Stapleton Founders’ Green

June 16th-Oct 13th | Sundays 8:30AM-12:30PM



Four Seasons Farmers & Artisan Market

7043 W 38th Ave | Wheat Ridge

May 19th-Oct 20th | Saturdays 9AM-2PM



Downtown Denver Farmers' Market

1701 Wynkoop St | Union Station

May 11th-Oct 26th | Saturdays 9AM-2PM



Boulder Farmers Market

Between Canyon & Arapahoe

April 6th-Nov 23rd | Saturdays 8AM-2PM

May 1st-Oct 2nd | Wednesdays 4PM-8PM



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How Do You "Spark Joy"

Posted On: April 9th, 2019 11:14PM

Some ideas just resonate with us, to the point where they surface as “new” from time to time. The latest one that I noticed?


Marie Kondo “Keep only the things that speak to your heart.”


William Morris (1834-1896) “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”


About 150 years and two continents apart, Marie Kondo and William Morris agree about what we should have in our homes. They did, however, arrive at their opinions under differing circumstances.


Marie Kondo has arrived at the forefront of the world of organization due to two words, “Spark joy.” The method she uses to help clients cut clutter and organize their homes may seem simplistic, but followers are ecstatic. People are transformed from hesitant or even hostile, to cool, calm, collected, and most of all, organized. Ms. Kondo has hit a nerve in today’s consumer society. How much stuff do we really need? How much is too much? How do we pare down to simple?


William Morris was a leader of the Arts and Crafts movement. This movement was concerned with the form and function of objects within a home. The movement sought to blur the lines between fine art and decorative objects in the home by encouraging craftsman to create useful items of beauty. This was in response to the beginning of the industrialized society and was a pushback against what was seen as inferior goods.


Certainly,  there are differences between the two movements. The Arts and Crafts movement was something of a social movement that aimed to transform society. Marie Kondo aims to transform individuals. But isn’t it interesting that the quotes evoke the same sentiment? How do you decide what belongs in your home?

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Free Things to Do in Colorado

Posted On: March 29th, 2019 7:11PM

Isn't it nice to discover that you don't need to spend a lot of money to have fun in Colorado? One source of fun is the Science and Cultural Facilities (SCFD) sponsored free days at attractions in the Denver Metro area. The SCFD collects a 1/10 of 1% sales tax in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. These funds are distributed to organizations in these counties, resulting in free days at museums, gardens, and even the Denver Zoo.

To see a calendar of free days, click here.


Now, go enjoy!

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4678 Edie Place, Erie, Colorado 80516 Price Reduced!

Posted On: March 22nd, 2019 2:42PM

Did you ever wish you had just a bit more room around your house? Not too much, but maybe about 2.5 acres. How about an amazing interior with cathedral and vaulted ceilings? Three fireplaces? Five bedrooms (3 on 2nd story and 2 in basement)? Lots of living spaces (great room, family room, flex space in basement)? And what about somewhere to store your grown up toys? Classic car, snowmobile, camper, motorcycles, airplane. Or maybe extra room for a business or hobby? Something like an outbuilding, 50'x50', heated, insulated, with a bathroom. You MAY want to take a look at this beautiful home:






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