Krzysztof Kowal

LICENSE: 475.185694

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Homes have been something that interested me since I had to find my own house a few years ago. That feeling of finding your future home is a true gift. I got into the real estate business in order to help people experience that same joy that I had. For me this is more than just another job, this is a service that helps people find their place they belong.

I am driven to serve through my experience of being a full-time police officer during the day. I want to bring that same drive and passion I have in that career into my real estate business.

It would be my privilege to be your agent and help you on the journey to find your place!

I serviced the Barringtons markets as well as the Huntley, Crystal Lake, Pingree Grove areas. I have experience doing a wide range of deals from the thousands to the millions. I am your one stop shop for everything you need with my connection to lawyers, mortgage brokers and home inspectors!