Gina Back

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Medardo Jurado, Grayslake, IL (Buyer)

"Looking back, 7 months ago, I would have not imagined my family and I living in our own house. Our journey to owning a house for the first time was far from being smooth but it’s worth the ride. We’ve been renting for almost 8 years and have been trying to buy a house the last 5 years but were unsuccessful. During this period, we’ve worked with a number of realtors and have seen quite a number of houses but no one really told us about the process and how to plan and prepare for it. Not until we met Gina about two years ago. At first, I was a little skeptical with her approach. She started with helping us understand that before we even look around for houses, we need to sit down and assess our capability to do so. It was a slow but sure approach, that later on, made me appreciate her intensions. She introduced us to a program that enabled us to be on track in being a first time home owner. It took a while, but she was very patient, like a pregnant mother getting ready to give birth to her first child. Unlike other realtors, her concern was not just closing the deal. She knows that our experience doesn't end with signing the contract. It's a journey that goes beyond paying the mortgage month to month. She took very good care of us. We absolutely love the house. It was win-win for both of us."

Robert Banila, Jefferson Park (Buyer)

"Positive overall experience. Gina Back was full hands on through out the search, selection, negotiation and purchase of the property. she is very supportive of the client's needs, gives insights and advice on each of the potential properties we checked during the search. Would definitely recommend her to friends/families who are planning on purchasing their dream house."

Melanie Soliva (Buyer)

"As a first-time buyer, you need a realtor with whom you will feel confident that you will be taken care of. I’m glad to have Gina Back as my realtor. She is excellent. She keeps her client’s best interest in mind in every undertaking she does, from beginning to end, and even beyond closing a sale. She prepared me - my credit history to be in good standing, way ahead of shopping for a house, in that when the time came for me to pick what house to buy, the house that I really, really like, she managed and convinced the listing agent to award the sale of the property to me even with competing buyers who are also interested with the property. All of these because she was quick and savvy, knows what to do, what to expect and made me aware beforehand. Even the listing agent was impressed with her and admired her persistence on getting the sale. She also has a team of efficient people - mortgagor, lawyer, house inspector, property assessor, etc, who diligently worked with me and provided guidance through the entire process of buying a house. I will definitely recommend her to everyone I know who are planning to buy a property."