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Norwood Park

Located in the northwest portion of the city, Norwood Park’s commercial corridor displays reasons why the corridor is successful as well as its challenges to be overcome. The corridor, located along N. Milwaukee Avenue from Devon to Ardmore avenues, differs from many of the city’s other commercial areas because the width of Milwaukee Avenue lends a relatively isolated feel to its businesses and offices. The corridor is car-friendly and offers ample daytime parking, much of which is meter-free – also unlike many of Chicago’s commercial areas. Other transportation options are: easy eccess to highway I-90.  CTA  Blue L (Harlem stop) Norwood rail station METRA-Union Pacific Northwest and a handful of CTA bus stops. Nonetheless, Norwood Park’s pedestrian-friendly amenities and vertical density make a variety of local businesses and restaurants available to residents of this working-class community. The corridor’s commercial real estate from Devon Avenue to Elston Avenue is consistently populated by a variety of restaurants (pizzerias, hot dog stands, Polish and Italian dining as well as neighborhood bars) and dental and law offices. Residential profile: Norwood Park has a large stock of single family homes. There are also apartment complexes and a variety of multi-unit dwellings.

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Edison Park’s commercial corridor, along Northwest Highway between Oshkosh and Olympia avenues, exhibits key factors in the neighborhood’s success and issues to be overcome. Located in far northwest Chicago, Edison Park’s commercial corridor is a well-developed stretch that displays most of the important features of a mixed-use area. First, the corridor is made pedestrian-friendly by controlled traffic flow and speed limits generally set at 25 or 30 miles-per-hour. Pedestrians can easily and safely cross the road. In addition, the corridor creates a relatively safe environment for bicyclists and motorists to coexist. Plenty of metered parking is available on Northwest Highway and many neighboring streets, but the corridor’s pedestrian-friendly nature leads many locals to walk to their shopping and dining destinations. Businesses in this corridor are clustered together, creating a dense development pattern and an urban, walkable feel. There is a wide variety of locally owned restaurants, many of which seem busy, even mid-day. There are also many service-oriented and commercial businesses, including multiple hair salons, banks, hardware stores, specialty and gourmet stores, clothing boutiques, and professional and medical offices. Building conditions throughout the corridor are either good or excellent, adding further value to residents and visitors. Though Edison Park is serviced minimally by the CTA, it is easily accessed by the Kennedy Expressway and has a centrally located Metra stop (METRA-Union Pacific Northwest). Unlike many of Chicago’s commercial corridors, Edison Park along Northwest Highway can be described as a prosperous, walkable and approachable. Residential profile: Edison Park’s more prevalent housing options are single-family homes along tree-lined streets. There is a stock of multi-unit buildings concentrated near Northwest Highway

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Chicago Neighborhoods

Chicago is a mosaic of 77 recognized neighborhoods, each creating a distinct community. Commercial corridors running through and often connecting these neighborhoods are the city’s lifeblood, supporting businesses that range from corporate offices to cafes. Following are snapshots of 26 neighborhood commercial corridors we’ve canvassed to date, intended for your use with investors, home buyers and other clients. Expect more reports ahead.