To evolve your business is not just growth or expansion – it’s change!

Expansion might mean setting up a new office or expanding your territory.

Growth speaks to a way of increasing profitability.

Evolution Is Something Different – It’s Taking Your Business to the Next Level.

Evolution Is Change -
A Slight Change Can Create a Powerful Event In Your Business

Whether you are a top performing agent or broker looking to truly evolve your business, it all comes down to changing direction — which is driven by first assessing where you are, where you want to be and then implementing a new direction in your business to achieve your goals.

Bryan Brooks, Senior Vice President, HomeSmart International


Top Performing Agents:
Are You...

Tired of working nights and weekends, producing top revenue — watching your broker’s revenue increase more than yours?


Ready to look at building your own asset?



Wanting to stop working for someone else to achieve freedom and your independence?

Brokers Looking for a Competitive Edge:
Are You...

Feeling defeated with your recruiting efforts – trying to meet the neverending list of agents’ expectations?


Frustrated with the constant technology changes, trying to make it all work together and the ever-increasing costs?


Looking for creative ways to grow your business minimizing increased expenses and time spent implementing?

So the Question Is - How!

How do you evolve your business – from where you are – to a profitable real estate business keeping life in balance … especially with the different industry solutions available?


Below are the key principles needed for your business to evolve in today’s market:

Stay ahead of the ever-changing world of technology (and its increasing costs)



Recruit, recruit, recruit — have a steady stream of recruited agents



Provide a compelling value proposition for your current agents to build their business


Brand exposure – create marketing that keeps you elevated and relevant in your market to win clients, listings and agents


Have a strategic plan in place designed for increased profitability

It Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming - You Just Need Clear Vision as to How You Want to Grow Your Business.

For the top performing agent — it’s about making the choice to open your own brokerage business – then choosing the right model

For the broker – it’s about making the choice to evolve into the right model in today’s marketplace to achieve what you want!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It --

RISMedia caught word of a broker having amazing results … he made the decision to  evolve his business.  After hearing of his off-the-charts results, RISMedia wanted to find out his secret.

His story starts off like most businesses – after a period of time, he hit a wall. No matter what he tried, his business was not able to grow past his agent threshold. He tried everything he could think of to implement.

One of his main struggles was finding a way to hit his next level without taking on the crippling effect of overhead and the time it takes to run an efficient brokerage.

Then in January 2012, his life changed. He met HomeSmart International CEO Matt Widdows at the National Association of REALTORS® Conference & Expo. To make a long story short, he and Matt made plans to visit HomeSmart’s headquarters.

He was blow away by what he found – Here it is in his own words…

Before checking out his full story — Listen to Randy’s closing statement.