HomeSmart International Releases Updated RealSmart Agent Software

June 21, 2018

Tech-Focused Real Estate Brokerage Company Successfully Transitions 15,000+ Agents to Improved Proprietary Technology Platform

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. ⎼ HomeSmart International, the franchisor of the nation’s No. 5 ranked residential real estate brokerage, has announced the successful transition of all 15,000+ agents to the latest version of the company’s proprietary software platform, RealSmart Agent. The agents of all 53 HomeSmart International franchises completed the conversion to the updated system June 11.

RealSmart Agent is an integrated business productivity system that gives agents centralized access to business growth tools and resources. For HomeSmart agents, access to the software doesn’t require additional costs or fees.

Matt Widdows, HomeSmart International CEO and Founder said, “HomeSmart has been tech-centered since day one, as we were the first brokerage to provide an end-to-end integrated and paperpless system. This successful transition is yet another milestone, as it opens up so many more possibilities around what we will do to help resource agents for growth, while saving time to streamline their day.”

RealSmart Agent is a centralized software platform that allows agents to focus on every aspect of their business. Managing transactions; organizing contacts in the HomeSmart CRM; building out CMAs for listings and completing marketing tasks with automated templates, videos, property pages and agent websites and more are all accessible in RealSmart Agent, giving agents an efficient way to conduct their business.

The system is fully integrated with HomeSmart’s RealSmart Broker, another proprietary system that was successfully updated across all franchises, which allows for a streamlined and productive experience. The integration enables agents to have effective communication and collaboration with brokers to ensure timely management of transaction files and compliance.

HomeSmart International Chief Operating Officer Wendy Forsythe added, “By providing an enhanced experience to agents, the new RealSmart Agent delivers a dynamic solution that both increases the productivity of an agent’s business and reinforces broker support.”

The technology-focused company prides itself on being the first brokerage to have a paperless transaction management system and has been running on its proprietary software for over a decade. Established by the motto, “If we have to do it twice, automate it,” Widdows created the RealSmart Agent software platform and toolset in order to create consistency, eliminate redundancies and accelerate growth for agents and brokers.

Bryan Brooks, HomeSmart International Senior Vice President of Franchise Sales said, “Our fully integrated systems, RealSmart Agent and RealSmart Broker, create an unmatched technology experience for brokers and agents to manage and grow their businesses.

RealSmart Agent is just one of the business acceleration tools HomeSmart provides to help agents and brokers grow their businesses.

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About HomeSmart International:

Founded in 2000 HomeSmart International quickly became the fastest growing real estate brokerage firm in Arizona. HomeSmart International is ranked in the top 5 real estate brokerages in the United States and the number one brokerage firm in the Phoenix market. From its international franchising headquarters based in Scottsdale, HomeSmart International offers franchisees efficiency and innovation coupled with the systems and technologies necessary to succeed in today’s evolving real estate industry. Today, the brand has 133 offices in 20 states and nearly 15,000 agents nationwide. For more information on HomeSmart International and its franchise opportunities, visit