HomeSmart Partners with Bubble to Streamline Insurance Purchase for its Home Buying Clients

Atlanta, GA – HomeSmart, Georgia’s largest real estate brokerage firm, has partnered with Bubble, a technology and data-powered insurance marketplace, to offer HomeSmart clients an easy and seamless way to get comprehensive insurance coverage during, and after, their home purchase.

HomeSmart agents use technology to assist home buyers in finding and purchasing their dream homes. This partnership with Bubble extends HomeSmart’s technology-powered home purchase experience into insurance, allowing home buyers to instantly get personalized insurance quotes; customize deductibles, coverages and discounts; compare options from top-rated insurance carriers side by side; and move forward to purchase, either online or with a Bubble licensed adviser.

Bubble’s insurance shopping engine is specially crafted to integrate into home-purchase and ownership flows to enable an insurance purchase with the fewest clicks. It combines data from the real estate transaction with Bubble’s own extensive data library and uses analytics to increase accuracy, reduce friction and speed up the process from accurate quotes to an easy online application, and in some cases, instant online approval. It includes Bubble’s patent-pending AI-driven guidance engine, HomePal, that matches the most common environmental hazards for a property with the right policies and coverages, so homeowners can rest assured they are adequately protected.

Bubble’s online platform also allows easy bundling of home and auto insurance to maximize discounts, while minimizing user friction by auto-filling drivers and autos in a household. Further, homeowners can shop multiple life insurance options on Bubble’s platform, including products that do not require medical exams or offer same-day issuance. Term life insurance for most healthy individuals under 45 years of age often costs less than 1% of mortgage payments, a very affordable add-on to protect the financial future of their families against unexpected calamities.

Bubble’s one-stop insurance shop is a turnkey co-branded service for real estate companies such as HomeSmart. It combines a modern consumer-facing insurance purchase marketplace integrated with several top-rated insurance companies with end-to-end sales and service through licensed insurance advisers.

“Bubble made it really easy for us to launch a state-of-the-art insurance offering for our clients in Georgia almost overnight,” noted Carol Perry, HomeSmart’s Chief Business Development Officer. “Bubble’s turnkey solution aligns with our overall vision to leverage technology to make life easier for our agents while enabling them to offer differentiated service to their clients.”

“By automating insurance within the home purchase journey, we not only save everyone time, but also help homeowners get comprehensive protection at the most affordable price,” said Avi Gupta, founder and CEO of Bubble. “HomeSmart’s tech-forward approach makes them an ideal partner to bring the benefits of our insurance technology to thousands of their home buyers every year.”

About HomeSmart: HomeSmart is a revolutionary real estate enterprise powered by a proprietary end-to-end technology platform. The company provides integrated real estate solutions to agents, brokerages, franchisees and, ultimately, the consumer. Its cloud-based platform empowers users to succeed by providing a full suite of technology offerings covering nearly every aspect of the real estate transaction. HomeSmart is the only brand that offers transaction-fee commission plans and a revenue share program. Its business model blend of corporate and franchised operations has fueled its expansion to more than 26,000 agents across over 200 offices and 49 states.

About Bubble Insurance: Bubble’s mission is to help homeowners protect their homes, loved ones and everything under their roof with personalized home, life, auto, and umbrella insurance. Bubble’s digital Insurance-in-a-Box helps real estate companies reduce friction and speed transactions by enabling customers to quickly get insurance when they’re buying a home.

Bubble Customer testimonial: “Bubble’s customer service and ease of purchase are just two of many attributes that I loved about Bubble. Bubble also made the process incredibly easy every step of the way. It was a great insurance shopping experience for me and I’m coming back to Bubble for all my insurance needs!”
– John M