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FHA/VA Interest Rates below 6%

Posted On: January 11th, 2024 7:04PM

FHA and VA Home Loan Rates Drop below 6%: 

A Catalyst for Home Price Increases?

      In a significant move within the housing market, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have recently announced a considerable drop in home loan rates, now resting below 6%.  This reduction in rates has sparked widespread interest and speculation about its potential impact on the housing landscape, particularly in terms of influencing home prices.

      The FHA and VA loans have long been instrumental in facilitating homeownership for countless Americans, especially for first-time buyers and veterans, by offering competitive interest rates and more accessible lending criteria.  With this recent reduction below 6%, these loans have become even more attractive, potentially reshaping the dynamics of the current real estate market.

       One immediate consequence of lowered interest rates on FHA and VA loans is the increased affordability they offer to prospective homebuyers.   Lower rates translate into reduced monthly mortgage payments, making homeownership a more viable prospect for many individuals and families.  This accessibility might lead to heightened demand for homes, creating a surge in the housing market.

      However, while this drop in loan rates may drive up demand, there's also a likelihood that it could further exacerbate the existing imbalance between supply and demand.  The housing market has been grappling with a shortage of available homes for sale, which has been a contributing factor to the balanced market we have seen in face of high interest rates over the past year.  As demand potentially intensifies due to more affordable borrowing options, it might further strain the already limited housing inventory, thereby potentially fueling an increase in home prices.

      In conclusion, the recent reduction in FHA and VA home loan rates to 5.75% has undoubtedly created an environment of increased affordability, potentially boosting demand for homes.  This surge in demand could put further pressure on an already constrained housing supply, possibly leading to an uptick in home prices. Yet, the broader economic context and other market dynamics will ultimately shape the extent of this impact on the housing market in the coming months.

Note:  Individual borrower qualifications play a significant role in the interest a borrower may expect.  Interest rates change daily and should be verified with your lender.

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Spring Home Projects!

Posted On: April 6th, 2023 9:20PM

Spring Home Maintenance Tips - Before it Gets too Hot!

Here are 3 Home Maintenance Tips that will help you get through the Summer

1.  HVAC - Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance:

     There are 2 sets of Coils on every Air Conditioner: Evaporator Coils             and Condenser Coils.  Air is circulated through the Air Filter to the Evaporator Coils and back into your home.  Dirty Air Filters will restrict this flow and make your  HVAC system work harder, reducing its life.  The Condenser Coils provide circulation for your HVAC Compressor, fresh exterior air is circulated over these coils.  Dirty Condenser Coils, make your compressor work harder and shorten its successful life.

What Can We DO?      

  1.  Change your Air Filter, in Arizona we live in a dry dust environment our Air Filter can get very dirty.  Changing or cleaning your air filter should be done monthly.

  2. Clean your Condenser Coils.  Check out this video:  Cleaning your Condenser Coils  If you're not comfortable with cleaning your coils call a professional for an AC Service.  The cost is well worth it.   

2. Water Heater Maintenance:

In Arizona most of our water supply has sediment, sediment settles in our Water Heater Tanks and shortens the life of the Water Heater.  Due to the design this is a larger problem for Electric Water Heaters.  Newer designs do help.  Primary Water Heater Maintenance is to drain or flush the water heater.  Click here to see a short video.  

3. Exterior Inspection:

This is not difficult but it will extend the life of your home.  Walk around the exterior of your home, you are looking for issues that could affect your exterior envelope.  

  1. Do  a Roof inspection from the ground start, look for missing or shifted tiles, if you have shingles look for missing shingles, this is usually caused by strong winds.  Don’t go up on the roof, call a professional if you see anything out of place.  

  2. Take a good look at the outside walls, Windows and Doors.  Seal any gaps that you see with appropriate sealer.  Here is a short video on Stucco Repair.      

Please remember, there are professionals that can help you complete these tasks, PLEASE call a pro if you aren’t comfortable.   

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Risks of using the Seller's Agent

Posted On: March 29th, 2023 6:42PM

Can the Seller's Agent Serve 2 Masters.  


When buying a home, using the seller's agent may pose some risks for the buyer. Here are some of the potential risks:

  1. Conflict of Interest: The seller's agent has a legal obligation to represent the best interests of the seller. This means that their loyalty lies with the seller, and they may not be as focused on the buyer's needs and interests.

  2. Information Bias: The seller's agent may have more information about the property than they are willing or legally allowed to disclose to the buyer. For example, they may have information about any defects or issues with the property that they are not required to disclose.

  3. Limited Representation: When using the seller's agent, the buyer is not represented by an agent who is solely focused on their best interests. Instead, the agent is working for both the seller and the buyer, which can limit the level of representation and advocacy that the buyer receives.

  4. Negotiation Disadvantage: The seller's agent is trained and experienced in negotiating on behalf of the seller, which can put the buyer at a disadvantage during the negotiation process.

  5. Emotional Attachment: The seller's agent may have an emotional attachment to the property, which can cloud their judgment and make it difficult for them to be impartial and objective.

For these reasons, it is often recommended that buyers work with their own buyer's agent to ensure that their best interests are being represented throughout the home buying process.

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5 Best Realtor Traits

Posted On: March 29th, 2023 5:55PM

This is an article for ChatGPT, I thought it would be interesting and informative.  I agree these are the most important traits, but I believe Trustworthiness and Integrity should be first.  I would add Answers the Phone as number 2, this would also classify as AVailability.


The 5 best traits in a realtor are:

  1. Communication Skills: A great realtor must possess excellent communication skills to effectively communicate with clients, negotiate with other agents, and provide timely updates throughout the home buying or selling process.

  2. Knowledge and Expertise: A great realtor should have a thorough understanding of the real estate market, including trends, regulations, and legal procedures. They should also have in-depth knowledge of the area they serve, including the local neighborhoods, schools, and amenities.

  3. Attention to Detail: A great realtor must be meticulous and detail-oriented in their work. They should be able to catch any errors or omissions in contracts, paperwork, and other important documents that could negatively impact the transaction.

  4. Adaptability: The real estate market is constantly changing, and a great realtor must be able to adapt to new technologies, trends, and client needs. They should be able to think creatively to solve problems and find solutions to any challenges that arise during the buying or selling process.

  5. Trustworthiness and Integrity: A great realtor should be honest, ethical, and transparent in all their dealings. They should prioritize their clients' best interests and be willing to go above and beyond to help them achieve their goals. Trustworthiness and integrity are crucial for building long-term relationships with clients and earning referrals and repeat business.

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Is Arizona Recreational Property A Good Investment.

Posted On: February 24th, 2023 7:28PM

Is Arizona Recreational Property A Good Investment?

     Arizona has long been known for its sunny skies, warm climate, and breathtaking landscapes, making it an ideal place for recreational property. Over the past few years, recreational property in Arizona has become an increasingly popular investment option for those looking to diversify their portfolio and take advantage of the state's booming real estate market. 

    Recreational property in Arizona comes in many forms. From sprawling ranches to lakefront properties, there is something for every type of investor. The most popular recreational properties tend to be those that allow for easy access to outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping. These properties are often located in areas with stunning scenery and plenty of recreational amenities, making them ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some peace and quiet in the countryside. 

    In addition to providing an enjoyable experience for the investor, recreational property in Arizona has also been proven to be a great financial investment. According to the Arizona Department of Real Estate, recreational properties have typically seen an average return of 8-10% per year over the past decade. This is higher than the average return of residential properties, which usually range between 4-6%. 

Furthermore, recreational property in Arizona has appreciated significantly in recent years. This is due in part to the state's booming tourism industry, as well as the increasing popularity of outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. With more people looking to take advantage of the outdoor activities available in Arizona, the demand for recreational properties has increased, which has led to an increase in prices. 

    Overall, recreational property in Arizona has been a great investment in the past few years and is likely to remain so in the future. With its stunning scenery, warm climate and booming real estate market, recreational properties in Arizona are an ideal investment for those looking to diversify their portfolio and take advantage of the state's strong economic growth.

   Of course value is in the detail, just like any Real Estate, location and usability are critical.  

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