Kristin Nelson

DRE: BR580955000

(480) 228-3800


  • Hi,
  • I attended UW-EauClaire, Wisconsin for 4 years.
  • In 1995 I studied abroad in Dalkeith, Scotland.
  • I got to travel to Scotland, England, Ireland, Africa, Greece, Italy, Germany, Switzerland,
  • Prague, Amsterdam, England, France, & Spain.
  • 1997 I obtained my Business degree from UNC-Wilmington, North Carolina.
  • 1999 I started working at Mastro's Steakhouse & Mastro's CityHall, Corporate Training
  • 2006 I started with Toll Brothers Luxury Home Builders as a sales person training for newly built homes.
  • 2012 I started with HomeSmart Realty selling and buying resale & my own remodels.
  • 2014 I flipped & sold a home I remodeled myself!  I did the kitchen, baths, flooring,
  • backsplash, & I even resurfaced the pool myself!
  • I can ASSIST YOU with upgrades to improve your home before & after the sale!
  • I personally added a backsplash to a kitchen & planted grass in a home I am listing for sale.
  • There are MANY inexpensive things you can do to INCREASE the sale price before you market!

  • I will make you SO PLEASED with my service ...I hope you will WANT me to help your friends!

            All the BEST!

             Kristin Nelson      

           480-228-3800       Website:

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