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Baby Boomers and Housing in the Chicago Area

Posted On: April 19th, 2018 1:16AM


Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, form nearly a quarter of our population. They may be getting older but are still very active, making a huge impact on the U.S. economy. They work far longer than previous generations.

One of the areas of our economy on which their contribution is greatly felt is the housing industry. Baby boomers are not adhering to the traditional retirement patterns of their predecessors. They are divided into two groups when it comes to their housing needs, either wanting more space, or looking to downsize. Many want to renovate existing homes, but realize that the cost can be prohibitive.  They want a change of lifestyle. Both groups are discerning buyers and know exactly what their needs are.  Developers are meeting this challenge head on and are constructing the homes to suit this second largest group of house buyers.

The fact that boomers work past the age of 65 often means that they are working from home and so expect their homes to have an office and need it to have more technical characteristics such as wireless home networks, remote lights etc.  In anticipation of future needs where they might be in a wheelchair they expect wider doors and hallways and single- story buildings with bigger bedrooms. They prefer low maintenance homes and flexible living spaces.

I am a boomer too; I have my finger on the pulse of our housing needs. I monitor new developments and trends in Chicagoland and offer the best possible real estate advice.

Speaking of new developments, there is a townhome development in the northwest suburb, Palatine. It’s called Newberry Lane and offers spacious units. I’d love to share more about this exciting opportunity with you, as well as answer any questions you may have about downsizing, or making a housing change.

Are you a boomer ready for a transition, or know one who is thinking about it? I would love to help you make the very best choices for this important life change. Let's talk soon.

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The Homesnap App for Home Buyers and Sellers

Posted On: March 17th, 2018 6:08PM


You are more than likely familiar with sites like Zillow and REALTOR.com, which offer home search apps for your phone. They have their purpose for sure when you are searching for information on a home for sale.

I also want to share with you an exciting app called HomeSnap. Unlike Zillow and REALTOR.com, you can ‘snap’ a picture of a home you are driving by with your phone, whether for sale or not, and receive real-time data about it right then.

It’s great for buyers and sellers. Buyers of course can get square footage, sales price if listed, and such. Sellers can use it to monitor the market BEFORE they sell, get a feel for what other homes are actively listed in their neighborhood, what’s selling and overall marketability of their home in comparison.

The best part! You and I can connect via the app. We can chat, message and share property info in a ‘snap’! If you find a home that’s not on the market but you are curious about it, simply take a pic and send it to me via the app.

I also provide weekly reports for certain areas that interest you via this awesome app. My reports include all active, pending and sold homes in an easy to digest format, all right on your phone!

It’s a breeze to get the app for you iPhone or android. Visit my HomeSnap Profile and simply download to get started. Trust me, you’ll want to see this app in action.

Reach out anytime to talk about your home buying or selling needs!

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First Time Home Buying: 5 Things to Know

Posted On: January 5th, 2018 7:20PM

The biggest purchase most of us will ever make is most likely our home. The whole process can seem very stressful, and is often complicated for a first timer.

I specialize in working with first-time homebuyers. I educate and inform every step of the way!

Here are five things to know that help make the whole process simpler:

  1. Before beginning your home search, think about affordability, lifestyle, future needs and resale potential. This helps you determine the size home, age of home, and location which will be most suitable for you and your family. If buying an older property, insist on a home inspection.
  2. Ensure that you have a good credit rating.  Your income should be three times higher than your mortgage repayment.
  3. Approach various lending institutions for a mortgage. Have all the relevant information and paperwork readily available.  Most down payments are negotiable, and first-time home buyers usually have some advantages as far as this and interest rates are concerned.
  4. Work out a budget, including the purchase price, interest repayments, taxes and insurance. Once you have found a suitable property, you will also need to add any utility costs, travelling expenses, or upgrades. Be realistic when making an offer to purchase, and be prepared to negotiate. Before signing for your chosen property read the contract carefully.
  5. Remember that once you are the proud owner of a new home you will need savings for unexpected expenses. Keeping up the maintenance does pay off… letting repairs go always cost more in the long run.

Think of me if you are considering your first home purchase in Chicagoland. I know the city and our surrounding suburbs, have decades of experience, and will represent your needs with the utmost of attention and respect!

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