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HomeSmart International
Technology Suite of Tools

From a brokerage standpoint, having access to integrated technology means having the ability to scale and grow affordably. Likewise, to agents, the technology HomeSmart provides cuts operating expenses and saves time by having everything that is needed in one place, for free. 

backend broker management

Broker Management System

RealSmart Broker is the central hub from which the brokerage operates. It centralizes paperwork, broker-to-agent communications and operations regardless of if a franchise has one office or 20. Its paperless transaction system allows for maximum efficiency by giving 24/7 access so broker/owners can quickly track and manage productivity.

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RealSmart Broker guarantees smooth transaction review with a high level of accountability featuring:

  • Transaction Management
  • Education
  • Recruiting
  • Broker Website
  • Accounting
  • Agent Services
  • Broker Review
automated agent marketing

Automated Marketing

Making marketing easy for agents is of the utmost importance. That’s why we’ve created an automated marketing system which enables agents to efficiently market listings in print, online and video mediums to get in front of consumers fast and effectively.

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  • SmartFlyer (Automated custom listing flyers)
  • SmartTube (YouTube property videos for each listing)
  • SmartGallery (Custom listing websites)
  • SmartTour (Custom buyer tours)
  • SmartSearch (Easy buyer searches)
  • SmartSES (Automatic search engine submission of listings to 2,000+ websites)
call capture

Call Capture

SmartCall is designed to benefit consumers, agents and brokers alike. Consumers are delivered property information ‘on demand’ and are able to connect with the real estate agent quickly. For agent and brokers, it helps streamline the interaction between the consumer and agent for a fast response time, better leads and high capture rate.

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SmartCall features include:

  • IVR MLS Integration (Similar to VoicePad)
  • MLS phone search
    • Caller ID for lead generation
    • MLS information by Text
    • Property Availability for Agents
    • Read Description of Property to Customer (Added by TS)
  • Phone System Auto Attendant
    • Agent directory integrated with RSB agent roster
    • Auto Transfer to Agent Preferred Phone
    • User Definable Touch Tone Directory
    • After Hours Directory
transaction management platforms

Transaction Management System

RealSmart Agent is the central hub from which all agent business is conducted. In this one system agents can access all listing information, transaction documentation, business planning goals, custom marketing materials, agent website and much more.

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RealSmart Agent, having one login, gives agents access to everything they need to run and grow a successful real estate business along with these added features:

  • Custom virtual tours
  • Buyer home search
  • Personal agent websites
  • Listing websites
  • Search engine submission of listings to more than 2000+ websites
  • Custom YouTube video for each listing
  • Automated listing flyers
  • Transaction management
  • Broker communication
  • Product catalog
brokerage websites


Most real estate searched in the United States begin with a property search online. That’s why having an impactful and effective website ecosystem is critical for every brokerage. At HomeSmart, brokers and agents get access to customizable websites which aggregate MLS data and gain consumer attention via keyword optimization.

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SmartSites is an easy to use platform that will create personal websites for your agents in no time at all:

  • Agent Branded Website
  • Full IDX enabled with powerful consumer search
  • Customer relationship marketing (CRM) tool
  • Comparative market analysis (CMA) tool
  • Drip marketing system
  • Lead capture from consumer visitors
agent websites

Centralized Services

Centralized Services is a division of the company created specifically to alleviate stress, workload and hard costs to franchisees. The program enables HomeSmart International to jump in and manage daily brokerage activities like marketing, recruiting and agent support.

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Some of Centralized Services features include:

  • Centralized Agent Services (Agent Support)
    • Answer incoming agent questions
    • Technology support for agents
    • Remote/webinar training for agents
  • Centralized Agent Recruiting & Marketing (Recruiting Support)
    • Marketing creative
    • Contact Center – outbound calling to recruits and existing agents (retention)
    • Appointment setting
    • Email marketing
    • Video creation
    • Benefits explanation to recruits
  • Centralized SmartAccess (Remote Keycard Entry)
  • Centralized SmartReception (Virtual Reception)

Centralized Services


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We market.  We email.  We call.  We set appointments.  We explain the benefits.  You hire.  You grow.

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“I find the HomeSmart concept to be a win-win. Not only do agents receive more than they would from any other company, but our fee structure puts them way ahead commission-wise, allowing them to earn more money than they would with a traditional brokerage where they would only receive 20 to 50 percent of their side of the commission. What’s more, the overall efficiency of the HomeSmart concept is the best for agents.”

Andy McDonald

Andy MacDonald – HomeSmart Advantage – Tucson, AZ

Hear Bill’s Story
In His Own Words

“What’s neat about HomeSmart far more than anything else is having the tools all agents need without having to worry about five or six different vendors. Everything is all in one place.”

“The HomeSmart systems provide so many benefits to our agents. Through the HomeSmart platform, we’re able to provide an end-to- end proprietary system that helps them run their business from one place. Real Smart Agent provides them with a paperless transaction marketing system, personal website and other automated marketing tools. These are all products they would have had to get through third-party providers if they were associated with a different real estate company.”

HomeSmart Partners

Jim Sparkman, Don Sturgeon, Mark Farrow – HomeSmart Realty Group – Salem, OR

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