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Convenient Earnest Money, Security Deposits or First Month’s Rent Deposits for HomeSmart in the below states.*

Select a state below and follow the directions.

HomeSmart - Georgia Earnest Money Payments or Security Deposits Only.

Choosing one of the following 3 easy options.



Use the Earnnest app by visiting earnnest.com or by downloading their app and following the onscreen prompts.

Choose your correct trust account (REALTOR® or NON-REALTOR®) or the security deposit account.

Need help? Visit the Homebuyer Resources page for help on how to send funds. Or you can learn how to request money through the app or desktop here. Should you have any issues, you can reach out to their support team and they can walk you through correcting those errors.


Wire Transfer

Wire the money to our Trust Account.

To do so, reach out to accounting at 602-889-2165 or by emailing [email protected] for wire information.

Please ask your client to put the property address in the remarks section. This is usually labeled as “originator to beneficiary” section.


Check Upload

Submit earnest money by using our new check upload feature with a smartphone or tablet.

Make sure all sides and corners are visible. Please be aware of shadows you may be casting when taking a photo.

Please keep the physical check for up to 30 days in the case your check upload is unsuccessful.

Submitting via Wire or Earnnest App?

If you are unaware of which account to choose when submitting via Wire or Earnnest App, please feel free to call the Accounting team at 602-889-2165.

You may also email [email protected] or [email protected] and they will be able to assist you in choosing the appropriate trust account.

Have My Funds Been Received?

Once the funds have been received and processed, the Earnest Money or Security Deposit Receipt will be placed in the “Earnest Money Receipt” folder. Find this in the documents tab of the listing or in the documents related to security deposits.

Please be aware, by uploading an image of the check directly to the RSA transaction file, it will NOT be processed. You must submit the payment by choosing one of the three ways listed above in order for the funds to be processed timely and appropriately.


HomeSmart Connect (Illinois & Wisconsin) Earnest Money Payments or First Month's Rent Deposits Only.

Choose the type of Online Payment from the options below.


HomeSmart Connect – Earnest Money Deposit – IL & WI Properties ONLY


HomeSmart Connect – First Month’s Rent Deposit – IL & WI Properties ONLY

*Earnest Money Payment, Security Deposits and First Month’s Rent Deposits are only available in certain states.