Kay Speake

DRE: SA633275000
(480) 684-4575


“When you Speake, we listen.” That’s the motto Virgil and Kay Speake live by when helping clients buy and sell Real Estate in Arizona. The Speake Team strives to have “win win” transactions for all parties involved. They have been selling real estate in Arizona for over 9 years, specializing in Fountain Hills, Scottsdale and the east valley. They have lived in Fountain Hills since 1999. They are never too busy to help you sell your home or find your next dream home.

Before Real Estate…
Kay worked in the accounting field in CPA offices and spent 5+ years doing cost accounting for home builders in the Denver area. Virgil spent much of his time in customer service with a large transportation company.

From 1988 through 2009 Kay and Virgil owned and operated 7 franchise automotive repairs shops in 3 different states. Dealing with retail customers reinforced listening skills, negotiating skills, the value of treating customers as you would liked to be treated and the word of mouth referrals you receive from that treatment.

During their working career, Virgil and Kay have lived in several cities and 3 states. They learned the value of getting a good Realtor to help find a good home in good neighborhoods and to help with all of the things that go with moving.

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