Becky Stark

DRE: SA653735000

(928) 566-9838


Hi,I’m Becky Stark. I have lived in Lake Havasu City since 1987 and in that time I have come to know and love this town and the amazing people in it. 
During the last 30+ years I have worked in both the real estate industry and healthcare industry. I was a case manager for handicapped and developmentally delayed children. Before that I spent about 25 years in the real estate industry as a mortgage loan processor, a loan officer, and a mortgage broker. It was in this work that I learned all the aspects of a real estate transaction. The knowledge and experience I gained from these  enables me to help HOME BUYERS, SELLERS, and INVESTORS in all their real estate needs. It is how “We Make Real Estate Easy for You”.

I am excited to have the opportunity to help people find their dream home in our lovely desert oasis.  Lake Havasu City is absolutely a paradise to live in and to visit.  Let me help you find your piece of paradise.

The Difference is STARK!

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