Rene Armijo

DRE: SA665411000

(915) 799-8011
(602) 230-7600 (Office)

About Me

Whether you're buying or selling your home Rene puts in that hard work and dedication with every detail of your real estate transaction. Originally from the desert where El Paso, TX meets Juarez, MX, Rene first sold Mexican candies for 25 cents.  At 13 he'd stuff his backpack with candy bags bought for cheap across the border, then sell them to his classmates. He'd sell out before lunch time earning $10 a day.  Around that same time Rene signed up for Golden Gloves boxing and quickly rose to the top of the rankings. By age 18 Rene won the Texas State Championships and earned a spot on the USA Boxing team where he'd fight for a spot to box at the Olympic games in Athens. After falling just short of the games, Rene turned pro in Albuquerque, NM then moved to Southern California. A crazy sequence of events lead Rene to star in a reality a show about boxers alongside Oscar De La Hoya, share the gym with guys like Manny Pacquiao, and work as an extra in movies and shows with guys like Edward James Olmos.    Armed with experiences and lessons learned, Rene returned to the southwest to open a boxing themed gym where people of the community can train like a fighter! It was there where Rene met top realtor, Jack Bumgardner. While Rene whipped Jack into shape with boxing, Jack encouraged Rene to become a realtor.  Never one to do things halfway, Rene left the gym fully operational and came to where the market is as hot as the weather!    Whether it was waking up  while cold and dark out to run 5 miles as a boxer, getting all licenses and permits to open his gym, or making your real estate transaction smooth and carefree - Rene always takes care of business! His fighter mentality means that so long as he's standing, he's working to get the job done!    In his spare time, Rene loves cooking up some real Mexican food with his beautiful wife, Yvonne. He also enjoys training the kids of the community in fitness and boxing, or lounging around with his 2 adopted dogs, Stella and Soja.