William (Willie) Masters

DRE: SA648797000

(916) 220-8524


I grew up playing Monopoly and when people got sick of playing with me, I would play against the bank.  It is no surprise that I ended up in the world of Real Estate!


Most Real Estate agents know the front end of the business but I grew up cutting my teeth on the back end...tracking down owners, researching properties at the County Recorder's office, learning and creating various types of documents, escrow and lending processes, tax liens, the foreclosure process, buying and selling of loans, property rehab, fix-and-flips, investor valuations, managing rentals, etc.


I have had a Real Estate license since 2010 and my back-end experience has only made me a better agent for those I represent when buying or selling a home.  Let me be your agent today and see what I can do for you!