Elliott Hobbs

DRE: SA636773000

(602) 653-1000

About Me

My mother's family were wild west ranchers and cowboys throughout Colorado and the Four Corners region. They provided guidance on trails through the Rockies and the Continental divide, as well as trading with Navajo, Pueblo, and Apache tribes. 

My father's family drilled for oil, and eventually got heavy into the auto-, aero-, and space-races. (Chuck Yeager is a 3rd cousin, lol).

My parent's had me and raised me among power plants, horses, and race cars. My first horse was an Apache mustang (a four-year old birthday gift from my grandpa), Crystal. My first auto-race (at 12 years old) had me working in the pits at the Solar & Electric 500 at Phoenix International Raceway. This is where I was first educated on the capabilities of renewable energies and how little was being done to take advantage of it!

I traveled the world, getting my education in International Business from 2001-2005. I got married to a beautiful concert violinist from Europe and brought her home to Arizona. She is the pretigious Lady Daga, whom you may hear play regularly at the Phoenix Symphony.

I currently coach kids on the weekend, take my four year-old daughter riding, and am attending the ASU School of Sustainability and W.P. Carey School of Business Honor's Program.